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Hello! I am Oklomsy, I am just another Mastodon user who is interested in free & open-source technology and I like cooking too.

I have a website at where you can read my blog posts, find contact details or PGP keys to contact me about something sensitive.

If you need help, have any questions or any issues then do reach out! I am always active!

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@chjara Petition to make Mastodon's logo into an elephant eating chocolate because its cute

@selea @Mehrad
...and people who don't read fine print probably shouldn't be giving their e-mail address to random Internet services.

Actually, just don’t get together with someone who actively uses 4chan.
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Advice for past Lucy: if your boyfriend literally says “I don’t believe in social justice”, dump his ass right then and there.

reverse chasers:

tom scott
jacob geller
jerma 985
brian david gilbert

Lenovo is reported to have implemented a nasty design that only boots into Windows, making it impossible to boot or install GNU/Linux. Of the change, researcher and Free Software Award recipient Matthew Garrett says there seems to be no security benefits to this change. Read the full article at:

🔴 A new Tor stable (, and was released today with an urgent bug fix (geoip data bug). Tor relay operators, please upgrade as they become available to you.

Full announcement:

/me at work. Yeah, those are magnetic tapes from 1970. I saved one for @selea.

@oklomsy you take that back, i am unintelligible on here too 😡​

At this point, I think I am staying here forever simply because I do not understand other platforms.

People listen here but on Twitter it just seems like everyone is trying to get each others attention

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Every time I go back to Twitter it just...

I dont know how to describe it, it's super weird. On here, everyone is different, on Twitter people are just unintelligible.

*passive aggressively adds "best viewed in firefox" to site footer*

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TIL that the US term 'sports bar' in the UK is called 'activity pub'.

Ok so I have a somewhat reasonable explanation except it begs the question: Why are so many people replying in followers-only

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Is it just me or have been replies not working lately?

Typically I will see a post with a mention that is a reply but the post that its replying to is not showing up.

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