Well that didn't take long..
Only one day after Biden's inauguration and the useful idiots of antifa are not useful anymore. So that's what he meant with "time for healing"

Mastodon's implementation of blocks is bad. Very, very bad. It's an attempt to emulate Twitter's block "logic", which is also bad.

On almost any other platform/protocol that came before modern social media, Alice blocking Bob means that Alice does not see anything Bob posts, and DMs/whispers from Bob either get silently dropped or rejected with a message. Bob is "blocked" from communicating with Alice.

Twitter and Mastodon (try to) also enforce the inverse; Alice blocking Bob also means Bob cannot see anything Alice posts. To some, this sounds fair and reasonable. The problem is, it can only ever be enforced on a website that requires an account to view content. And Twitter's entire business model is a global public conversation that anybody can tap into and participate in. 80% of visitors are lurkers, lurkers share by pasting links to other platforms. This is incompatible with requiring registration to view content.

But Mastodon is free! It's open! It's run by you! It's by the people! It's for the people! Why on Earth would you want/need to emulate those evil bastards at hellsite dot com?

Because of market pressure. As it turns out, Mastodon's target market, people who were too toxic for twitter, routinely used the blocker-is-invisible-to-blockee logic as a weapon on twitter. Obviously, they expected their full toolkit to be available on Mastodon. But Mastodon is decentralized; you can only reliably perform this sort of restriction on the blocker's server. that's it. that's a very small part of the fediverse.

What's the solution? Understand that this is gaslighting literally everyone involved. It also gives a false sense of security, which I feel is important to mention, because these features are almost always forced upon us for reasons of health and safety.

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