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Just a reminder that I made a mastodon export data viewer :3

supports images, video, audio, polls, content warnings, and alt text!

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I just added full text search. It's not indexed or anything but it does work!

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I told everyone I wasn't actually leaving this platform. I just had to take some time away to adjust some elements in my life.

This year was seriously a blur! I can't believe how much happened, I will never revisit 2020 but I appreciate all the growing I did!

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I am thinking of creating some videos (HowTos, Tutorials that kind of thing) and uploading them on Peertube (and maybe cross-post to Youtube).
Looking for opinions on what is better for the platform (Peertube/Fediverse).

Boosts welcome.

Ok, 2019 can't have good anime? Kimetsu no Yaiba would like a word.

I'm not dead guys; just loading modules -- and this piece of %&%$ing &%*@! laptop isn't worth a dime..

So as you know, I recently removed myself from the Twitter platform but I may eventually use it for onboarding

After 60 million toots and a well crafted spoofmail to Donald Trump I finally got my verified Badge on Mastodon. Now the real money starts rolling in.

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Take action (one small step) on something you’ve been avoiding that will make your life better in the long run.

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Reason to record yourself practicing music:

From day to day I don't notice a difference in my playing, but when I listen to recordings of myself from 1, 2, 4, 6 months ago, wow oh wow it's like night and day.

Gamedevs, Atari changed the world with the 2600 and may be looking to do it again with the new VCS, the latest offering out of the blue from Atari. VCS will run LInux and allow custom loaders and homebrew friendly. They are actively seeking developers interested in acquiring the SDK for early release.

I'm not trying to single out or insult anyone but we need to have a serious wakeup call while the Trumps are dancing around the stock market with out money!

If you believe Donald Trump doesn't have professional insiders on Wall Street brokering trades, you'd have to be one of the smallest minded plebs in existence! Trump may be the biggest market maker in history. Of course he's going to be a fucking whale.

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No nut November is in my eyes, the point at which the collective soul of the internet proved it could make anyone do anything for any goddamn reason. It is a dumb and blind trickster god and we are playthings in its hands.

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Discovering a cursor in old cave paintings. "It's just an arrowhead" says the archeologist. Sure, but that doesn't explain the start menu right next to it.

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"Join us now and share the software; You'll be Freeee, Hackers, you'll be SEEEEEEEE" -- wait that's not how the lyrics go!

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