Hey folks. New here.

How are folks enjoying Ubuntu 22.04? Anything breaking? Anything shiny and new?

Gotta admit I do not like Snap which has been pushed more and more lately. Kinda pointless for my purposes. For example, I tried to use the gh snap and it couldn't access my ssh keys. I saw that they are making a proper interface for that, but still. What's the point of making a snap for something that the primary authentication mechanism is broken?



I have to confess that I have no used Ubuntu for real in a few years. I mostly stick with Debian

@nikolawannabe Haven't really tried Ubuntu. The last version I used was probably 21.04. My mom's PC has currently Kubuntu, but I think that instead of upgrading, I'll reinstall it to Fedora Kionite. I like that it would be immutable and uses Flatpaks - it's basically indestructible. Also the background updates are nice - you just reboot and don't even know it updated. Perfect for someone who doesn't understand Linux. Flatpaks will just work and you cannot break it as it's immutable.

@nikolawannabe IDK, Ubuntu lost it's spirit for me. It was the "newbie" distro (I don't mean it in a bad way), but there's now many more really solid things that are really friendly as well. Mint is good, Fedora is good, POP is good...

Don't get me wrong, I don't hate Ubuntu. I just don't have a reason to use it anymore.

@jiristefka I used Gentoo for years so I didn't switch to it because of its noobie-friendly status. I used it because it Just Worked so I could get more done with less fiddling.

If that becomes less true because of their obsession with snaps though I'll definitely switch.

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