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Europe is calling!

From today, Europeans can continue calling, texting and surfing the internet like at home until 2032.

The new Roaming Regulation is ensuring that this experience continues, including new advantages: better services, and even more transparency.


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"Your resolve. Your passion for Europe. Your desire to live the European dream in your beautiful country."

The EU flag has been brought to the plenary hall of to stay.


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Europe will stand up with Ukraine as long as it takes.

Today, we have proposed a new disbursement of €1 billion 🇪🇺 Macro-financial assistance to 🇺🇦 Ukraine.

We will not rest until they prevail.


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RT @daphnehk: US Copyright Office study concludes that new intellectual property protections for journalism are not the solution to its — very real — problems.
The world is full of situations that would not be improved by creating new forms of private property.


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With your generous support we have reached the 32,069 mark (we love prime numbers) for our spring fundraiser. Our goal is 67k by July 8, and we have many ways to donate: Fight for total #UserFreedom Donate via:

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Our shift away from fossil fuels is even more urgent after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

We welcome the agreement reached by the Environment Council on a big part of our #FitFor55 proposals.

A big step towards delivering the #EUGreenDeal.

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