My thoughts on the Apple walled garden after spending a couple of years in the iOS ecosystem.

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@kev good for you man, whatever works.
Personally I try to use my computer instead of my phone whenever possible. I just buy a second hand Android device with LineageOS-support, flash it, use F-Droid for the apps I need and call it a day. As a backup just in case I have Aurora Store if I would ever need a proprietary app, but at the moment I do not. If I had to use stock Android with Play Services I would choose iPhone any day.

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@mllepogany that's a good way of doing it - you're not too reliant on your mobile then either.

I don't have the time or inclination to install and manage custom roms on my phone. I just want to switch it on and have it work. Which, as you said, is why I went with iOS. 🙂

@kev @mllepogany I remember flashing nightly Android rom builds years ago and hoping they'd be stable and that I wouldn't need to revert to a previous build. Luckily things have improved and are much better now, most ROMs are stable as long as it's an official build and usually only push updates monthly with security patches and bug fixes.

@jawsh agreed, as long as you're running an official build it's very stable and hassle free after it's set up

@mllepogany @kev I have a similar approach. I have an iPhone for work and it's not a walled garden; there are lots of proprietary tracker-filled apps to choose from. I would recommend it over Android for that type of usage. The selection of free software on iOS is pretty bad though. I have an old device with #LineageOS and #FDroid for that.

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