Some GNU/Linux/Ironies that has crossed my mind occasionally while using these wonderful free operating systems

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The quest to continues. Started adding to my lists of random stuff I've enjoyed through the years that hopefully would be useful news to someone else. Films, books, links etc:

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So...what's your favorite app on ?

And what's your most used one?

boosts welcome 😊

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I'm starting an experiment.

Publishing on #Gemini could be as simple as giving a link to someone!

Here is a public link to publish on , let's say it's a community experiment if you want to toy with gemini

everything will be available under gemini://

Your IP will be recorded in logs so please don't abuse it :)

PS : it's not meant to last, I may shutdown it tomorrow. I want to learn how easy it can be. Feedback required! :)

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Starting from this day, I am now offering free #gemini pod hosting!


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Heavy metal legends and outspoken copyright maximalists Metallica played a concert on Twitch, only to find their audio replaced with royalty-free chiptune library music by an automated copyright filter:


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Day 8 of Koto development is now up on Odysee over at In this stream, I fix our new GTK4 port's HeaderBar, implemented the Artist View, KotoAlbumView component, and KotoTrackItem component!

I'm going to start to screenrecord some of my workflow, stuff I've learned these two years since switching to Linux etc. Here's my writing setup on a Thinkpad x200s: (maybe a bit too much explanation of the tiling vm workflow in this one)

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We should have more than 200 Gemini capsules indexed on gemini:// before monday!

And we'll have some new features to announce soon too!

I really love the Geminispace and its community.


The protocol is really awesome! Very happy I checked it out thanks to . Started setting up my website as a capsule: gemini://

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For those of you that wanted to financially contribute to help facilitate my goal of full-time open source desktop application development, but less inclined to use Patreon, I've now created a @Liberapay account!

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Did you know Nextcloud Talk can seamlessly connect to Slack, MS Teams, Matrix, IRC and a dozen other chat services on the web? Cross those barriers, BRIDGE!

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@ubuntustudio I just wanted to take a moment to thank the Ubuntu Studio team.
Despite a horrible, horrible 2020 the guys have been working on many great changes and improvements. I have been testing 21.04 for a while now, new studio controls look great and work flawlessly for me, even when installed on other Ubuntu flavors of 21.04 dev branch.
Thank you @eickmeyer and team. 🤩🤩🤩😍😍😍🥳🥳🥳

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