Falling in love with , rewrote my website in . Really happy with how it turned out: rickylinden.com

@trevligmjukvara var det så att ni hade ett xmpp chatrum eller minns jag fel?

If you live in and don't like scanning your physical mail (what could go wrong?) here's how to disable your account rickylinden.com/blog/how-to-di

Even though the knowledge gained is incredibly useful and rewarding sometimes it's tiring how much research there is to achieve bare minimum non spooky digital devices... Imagine just being able to buy a router from your ISP with free software by default? 💥

Have basically killed off all social media except now. Adding more and more stuff to my personal website. It's really fun and I keep finding other people's interesting sites, feeds, podcasts whatnot. Absolutely of the

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Nämen? Hej! 🗣💥

I denna specialare intervjuar vi @ainali, Codebase Steward på Foundation for Public Code. Vi får reda på allt från vilket djur som symboliserar Jan, till hur han hjälper offentliga verksamheter att jobba med öppen mjukvara. Lyssna in! 🙌

#opensource #foss


looking pretty sweet, no !! 🤤 I mostly got some scripts and LaTeX-templates going on, but started considering moving over my own stuff from .

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My first merge request got accepted 🎉 , got one of my favorite quick recipes added to based.cooking 🍳

It's here! The ad and tracking free cooking website you always dreamed about:
based.cooking 🤤

Some GNU/Linux/Ironies that has crossed my mind occasionally while using these wonderful free operating systems

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The quest to continues. Started adding to my lists of random stuff I've enjoyed through the years that hopefully would be useful news to someone else. Films, books, links etc: rickylinden.com/goodstuff.php#

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