I'll be honest. I had never user keybase before so i'm not 100% sure everything it does.

is FOSS and not owned by so that's kinda all i need to know.

It does the basics of encryption/verification and proofs so it's good enough for me.

This post by the creator gives a good overview of what it provides


@t0ta1packg3 Also something i just found not long ago but have not tried yet


CLI/Terminal SpreadSheet editor...

@t0ta1packg3 I'm no expert when it comes to kernel hardening... But I will say that since the kernel is built from source you can enable/disable anything you want/need

Good bowl of oatmeal:

2 packets of cinnamon oatmeal with water, microwave for 2 minutes.

Take a slightly mushy banana, mash it up and stir it in.

Add half a bowl of honey granola.

Throw in some smashed-up walnuts for texture.

What you get tastes like a piping hot bowl of banana bread.

@t0ta1packg3 In my oppinion the kernel compile time specifically is small. Depending what else you plan on installing on the system there are other things that will take MUCH more time to compile VS the kernel. Like FireFox or LibreOffice. Depending on your system CPU and such it might not be worth it.

A plus for me is running code specifically built for the process in your system. So i deal with compile times for that.

@t0ta1packg3 A couple things that come to mind...the ability to control what parts of some packages are actually built. Like you want package X to use mysql but not package Y then it can probably be controlled by USE flags.

I cannot come up with a specific example but i would think it would apply...

Or if you want to completely disable(like make unavailable) certain apache/nginx modules that can also be done with USE flags

But i don't know how big of pros these really are

BOFH excuse #242:

Software uses US measurements, but the OS is in metric...

First day on Mastodon after reading a great post by @kev!

Any tips on who to follow are very welcome! 🙏

tests are showing advanced tactical lasers levels at 97%

(97%) ■■■■■■■■■□

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