Do I know someone here that knows where I can get a hold of batteries for a ThinkPad W530?

Anyone have an Apple I or replica I? The 8-Bit guy is looking to borrow one for a few weeks to do a video on it.
With today being #BandCampFriday i have picked up a few albums(In no particular order)

First is this months #mmbc album(search that hashtag to find out all about this)

Perpetual Chaos by Nervosa

Secondly one by one of my new favorite artists.

Singularity by DEADLIFE

Then an interesting looking metal album. Have had my eye on this one for a while.

Planetary Clairvoyance by Tomb Mold

Also going to try out a new genre

Nematode by Uoke

And last but certainly not least The brand new album by @TQ

Vast by Chris Roth

So do yourself and these great artist a favor and pick up some music.

(Thank god for Pleromas large post limit other wise this would be almost 3 posts...)
So after a slight delay the #FediverseBookClub has chosen a new book. This month we will be reading

Synthesis:Weave by Rexx Deane

You can get your DRM free copy from here

Join us in reading this book then join us for the discussion around the 26th-28th if everyone is done in the XMPP Room


@detondev nice. I'll have to check out what you did.

I'm overdue for posting something there as well.

I've updated my Gopherhole on @mgrondin's server for the first time of 2021!

I was originally planning to not update it until I work out how to build my gopher wiki engine, but that task is still confusing the hell out of me so I went and did an update anyway :-]

Well got one thing accomplished today. Hammered out the structure of my program to extract invoice data for EDI.

Probably not the prettiest(most efficient) way to do it but it's beautiful to me(it works)

After a few interruptions feels nice to have this done. Now onto the next task on my list.(I can finalize the rest of the program later)

#retrocomputer in need of a new home

This Zilog Z80-based TRS-80 MC-10 came to me in 2018 from a stash of "new old stock" someone found in Texas.

I added the MCX-128 expansion cartridge to beef it up to 128KB of RAM along with an updated, more capable MCX-BASIC ROM.

It works fine but I have other Z80 machines to love and it deserves to be used more than I ever will.

US$75 and I'll cover shipping in the US. That's what I paid for the MC-10, so it's like getting the MCX-128 expansion for free.

How to open specific Emacs programs directly without opening emacs and then opening them.

For example I want to open dired without opening emacs first, what command should I use?

Also Emacs is running as Deamon in background.

What shell do you use?

So the #FediverseBookClub has finished reading it's first book The Three Body problem. Overall a good read.

We have started selection process for the Jan 2021 book. If you want to join find us on XMPP in the following room(if you need XMPP account let me know)

We have a few suggestion so far. Looking forward to the reading with you all in 2021.


@thumb could be as simple as blocking the ports it's using. I think those are 5269 and 5222 for server-to-server and client-to-server communications

@thumb very odd...maybe something on my server but all seems ok so far...

@thumb I've sent you a message but I'm not sure it went. Had to send unencrypted as it hung on fetching omemo keys...

@thumb as far as I know it's working. Was chatting in there earlier today...

The members list seems to come and go depending on others clients.

Avatars are finicky as well. I think the latest version of conversations addresses that.

Can you message in the room?

I find this an interesting and understandable read about how the -19 works.

Reverse Engineering the source code of the BioNTech/Pfizer -CoV-2 Vaccine.

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