Guess no for me today. I was really hopeful for today... 🤞 for next week...

Ok...I gotta stop looking at tracking's not updating/accurate so it'll get here when it gets here...won't change looking at it every 5 minutes...

More progress!!

with this coming from Arch should mean good things for Manjaro on pniephone

I'm excited for this week. There is a VERY high chance of my arriving. I mean it left Switzerland on Jan 30th...should be able to make it through customs and such this week...I hope

This is the talk i'm more looking to

I suck at timezones so I'll say it starts in about 2H30M. Set a reminder.

Stream will be here

Shamless plug 


Check out my blog

Can also follow from mastodon

Might be something(s) of interest to you now or in the future.(don't have high expectations i'm not expert blogger) Many related posts in the future. Let me know if there is a topic you would like me to cover/compile some info on.

I want to get setup So I can build packages for . What's the best way? A arm64 chroot with like arch arm in it? Or is there something better? Some guides would be helpful.

I used to build android(different projects. CM. AOSP) a while back. I realize this is kinda completely different just saying I can follow setup guides and adapt.

It's 100% official. My has left China. Got tracking # this morning woohoo!!

Ok who's willing to try to help me understand hardware schematics...relates to i just want to understand as much as i can...

Talking about at work. Many people are excited about the prospect. Even non-tech/non-linux people are excited about the idea of a phone without android. Everyone I've talked to about it wants to see it once I have mine.

This is making me even more excited about it.


OMG the wait/anticipation of news is killing me...Have not been this excited about a price of tech in a LONG time..

Excited Ramblings 

No one probably wants to read this but i can't express how excited i am to get my hands on my . It will be the first smart phone i will feel like i truly own since i can put whatever OS i want on it without having to worry about unlocking boot-loader or rooting or voiding warranty.

I'm going to contribute as much as i can. I very much lack programing knowledge but will be looking for bugs and reporting. I'll have to pick an OS to follow. Manjaro or Postmarket OS.

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