So i've been struggling all day...

1. Do i make a mastodon or pleroma instance.
Pretty much settled on pleroma

2. Come up with a not to personalized domain
This part is what i'm really struggling with...i want something unique but not too much so that it makes it uninviting for others(friends/family) to make accounts...

I've had a few ideas...i'll come up with something tomorrow(i hope)

And then there's the question

will people follow my new account..

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oh i think i have a name.
time to sleep on it to make sure it's not completely stupid.

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Isn't followers automatically get transferred to the new account?

@redstarfish I don't believe so...maybe if I'm reading things wrong. The people I follow I can export but I don't think the people that follow me I can bring... We shall see.

I have seen this feature in mastodon few few weeks ago. But I'm doubtful if pleroma has that feature too, let us see what happens.

@redstarfish @mgrondin From what I understand (and we all know how alittlebthat is) is that Hubzilla Is probably the only one that can do that due to the nomadic identity. All that basically does is reroute the stuff from the old account to the new. And it's also possible to have many different accounts but post to one as default and it is mirrored to the others. I think that stuff is done by the Zot protocol.

@redstarfish @mgrondin I used it by starting a Hubzilla account on aomeone else's inatance then installed my own instance and didn't lose any followers or who I was following either. I honestly don't think anybody noticed it happened.

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