Should I host a(primarily private in terms of user sign ups) mastodon instance?

I'm mainly interested in seeing the other side of one..

@mgrondin I heard that Mastodon requires a quite a lot of resources (mainly RAM), while Pleroma can run also on low end hardware (like the RPi).

@selea @alciregi @ZenCoder

I really want to. Seems most setup guides i find are for Ubuntu. My VPS runs Arch. Guess i'll have to adapt if i decide to set on up. Also would want to get a new domain for it i think...something not too personal incase i decide to let people sing up...would be odd(for others) giving out things with my name in it...We shall see.

@mgrondin @selea @alciregi @ZenCoder Consider Pleroma, the install guide is very simple and I am 99.999% sure it'll work on Arch. I run it on FreeBSD

@farhan I'll have to concider it i guess...i'm familiar with mastodon as it's what i use so would really prefer to stick with it...I'll have to look at pleroma tho cause i know nothing about it other than it's a thing
@selea @ZenCoder @alciregi

@selea I did see that as well...might be a better idea for me since it will share a server with Nextcloud, Funkwhale and TT-RSS. All pretty much single user.

server has
6x2.2ghz cores
16gb ram
SSD storage

@farhan @ZenCoder @alciregi


oh that will be more than enough to fun that :D

is it a vps or dedicated?

@selea it is a VPS. Not sure how many other VM's are hosted on it. The ram is advertised as guaranteed. Not sure how dedicated the CPU cores are.

@selea it's the VPS M SSD from contabo

To me the price was right. The storage is what brought me to them...all others the storage is minimal. I know about things like s3 storage and others but since i have never used i wanted local storage. Never looked but s3 or others cost as well.

@selea it is. The only thing that's a problem sometimes is the connection speed. But it Hink it's somehow my ISP having a bad connection/route to Germany for some reason...if that makes sense.

Most times(like 99%) it's not a problem. Only the initial upload of data took longer. Now I don't really notice slowdowns.

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