What's you PID1?(Init System)

@blobyoumu @mgrondin guixsd is pretty epic it's like nixos but scheme and fully freeze software
@mgrondin OpenRC, I'm much happier with it than I was with Systemd
@mgrondin Devuan's SysV init :blobcatmelt:
And a little bit of systemdrag on my opensuse stations.

@haskal @mgrondin
My pid1 isn't systemd by choice.

I chose the distribution, they chose systemd. For an end-user system, that's fine. For a server, that's ... mmm, there are certainly benefits from systemd as an init, but there are some huge changes to the traditional model to get your head around (and they're not all benefits)

@yojimbo @haskal I wonder how many are in that boat. I was in it for a few years. I decided to jump ship... Then I found Artix linux which is basically Arch without systemd.

@mgrondin systemd isn't the optimal choice for my extremely under powered hardware but it just works. Systemd doesn't let me break it as easily as SysVinit style init systems

Also thank god that upstart is dead

@xxzozaxx The one you use... Why would you not use the one you like?

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