What's you PID1?(Init System)

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@mgrondin it's the default (only supported?) init system in guixsd
@blobyoumu @mgrondin guixsd is pretty epic it's like nixos but scheme and fully freeze software
@mgrondin Devuan's SysV init :blobcatmelt:
And a little bit of systemdrag on my opensuse stations.

@haskal @mgrondin
My pid1 isn't systemd by choice.

I chose the distribution, they chose systemd. For an end-user system, that's fine. For a server, that's ... mmm, there are certainly benefits from systemd as an init, but there are some huge changes to the traditional model to get your head around (and they're not all benefits)

@yojimbo @haskal I wonder how many are in that boat. I was in it for a few years. I decided to jump ship... Then I found Artix linux which is basically Arch without systemd.

@xxzozaxx The one you use... Why would you not use the one you like?

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