I'm a developer with focus in free (as in freedom) software. I am currently learning C more in depth, and planning to learn Go.
I like math and cryptography, as well as philosophy and music.
Also, I love cats.
This is my introduction :)

@meeee Noticed in your bio it said you're working on an XMPP client, what sort of design goals do you have for it? Been looking around for one that isn't total bloat and allows easy integration with Jitsi/Voice+Video chat

@BigChinWalter For now, me and 2 other people are thinking about possibilities. It didn't even leave the paper yet. As you may have read as well, I'm not experienced in programming almost at all. So it's more of a learning experience than an usable program. But we would build it as suckless as possible, 100% faif (probably agpl or gpl) and with a usable interface. That's just in my dreams for now :)

@BigChinWalter I am motivated to do this because the current clients are (I'm sorry but it's mostly true) shit. Gajim is super slow, Dino is based on gtk and does not support more than 1 account, Pidgin uses libpurple for omemo, also I read it is kind of abandoned. Profanity is imo the only usable :/

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