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I'm a developer with focus in free (as in freedom) software. I am currently learning C more in depth, and planning to learn Go.
I like math and cryptography, as well as philosophy and music.
Also, I love cats.
This is my introduction :)

Have you ever heard of i2pchat? What do you think of it?

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Conversations-I2P XMPP/Jabber client for Android with I2P support.

I even think a couple of cryptocurrencies are (or could be) actually *good*, but the idea of a "descentralized web built on top of currencies" is a bad idea. The main problem is that descentralization and freedom should just be available, and not bought.

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Nothing like another day to use free software!

I found the MangoPi with D1. Seems interesting

So how is the free (as in freedom) hardware going? Riscv computers and stuff. I want to know how to have a 100% free computer without intel or amd

I registered kiwix.meeee.i2p also, and in some time I will do the same for git.meeee.i2p.
kiwix.meeee.i2p has some wikis (wikipedia included) wikimirror.i2p does it as well, you no longer need clearnet to access wikipedia!

I have the domain for my eepsite registered. It's http://meeee.i2p
I2P is great and solves a lot of problems. I will for sure study more about it and if I have the time and discipline maybe develop something for it.

One thought:
If you fall, many will say you were weak. If you win, many will say you had luck.
Be the opposite. If you win, win because you worked and went after this win. If you fall, fall because of bad luck.

Ok so the links on the page use meeee.i2p, and not the b32 address. I'm not fixing that, not today at least lol.

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After quite some time, I got a eepsite running!
It still isn't registered oficially, it's in the process of being registered.
Here are the b32 links :D
http://tvjsepue3qde6raljzz2unf7srwb2rs36eldabfeq4yvudmxr4nq.b32.i2p - eepsite
http://z6qksun3thawjucynvosku5s7meaep2rfjwrjz6zqotglzcituwa.b32.i2p - kiwix server

Okay so I'm loving
Does anyone have a tutorial/guide/documentation on how to securely host an eepsite? And how to harden it? @i2p
Also, what about having an i2p emoji around the fediverse?

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I2P 1.9.0 Release:
SSU MTU/PMTU improvements and fixes
SSU2: Enable for Android, ARM, and a small portion of others at random
Set outproxy to exit.stormycloud.i2p (new installs only)
Read more:

Once again, I'm exploring I2P. Really liking it, once again

So, is there a project of a totally distributed internet? Something like helium

Installed LibreCMC in my router. Freedom in the router: check :checkmark:

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