@mdserrat@social.linux.pizza Mastodon isn't really a social network btw, it's just one of many ways to access the Fediverse (the actual social network)

@mdserrat Just to be clear, Mastodon isn't a network in and of itself. Rather, it's an entrypoint to the network known as the Fediverse and there are tons of other platforms like Mastodon which form the Fediverse :flan_guns:
@amolith @mdserrat Insert Stallman "Or as I've started calling it, Fediverse+Mastodon" joke here.

@mdserrat welcome to the other side!

Check out the trunk list, a list of instances and users from all walks of life.

I recommend checking out individuals' follows and followers, too.


Doing the same - and so far have been very warmly greeted - all the while not really having had the opportunity to respond in kind, so will be digging into this more over the weekend.


Welcome, @mdserrat !

Most of your work appears to be in Spanish, a language I don't speak (alas). But it sounds like your life is more in the academic side of computer science? I _do_ see an IEEE paper on mobile network routing.

Welcome from pleroma, one of many components of the fediverse.
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