Does anybody has some recommendations in regards of an privacy focused mailclient?

@mdewald email & privacy is bad in gerneral. But Thunderbird + Cardbook + PGP works pretty fine. You can setup things in a way Thunderbird does noch save mails on local disk for caching aso. Add WebdAV AddressBook and Calendar and if you selfhost your mail server, rewrite headers to remove LAN parts of it.

@kmj Yes, I do already selfhost my mails. To modify the headers is also on my todo. Thanks for the clues!

@mdewald so recommends claws and he is, to put it politely, a paranoid fucking lunatic.
He knows shit tho.
@mdewald paranoid lunatics, when they know what they're talking about, give excellent advice.

@dhfir @mdewald I look at this site a lot when choosing my software. I'm not *quite* a paranoid lunatic (yet) but the guy knows what he's talking about.

@mdewald I'm not sure if I got what you meant but I recommend and

@zem that's exactly what I've thought to be the most customizable solution, this could work out to control which information leave and which don't.

@foxmask I think he means a client for on his device rather than a service.

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