Hello World! This is my first attempt to use social media again after deleting almost all my "mainstream" social media accounts 2-3 years ago. So which of the following are you still using?

@mdewald with enabeling multi selection the "only" mastodon was interpretated from me as "Mastodon".
The "other" are for me Matrix, XMPP etc...
"Twitter" only as Sender of local news, the Social use is useless for me.

@tn5421: I still don't give up to tell people over and over again that those companies are not interested in connecting people. :D

@tn5421 @mdewald I'm on the same boat. People won't listen until something more serious happens.

@jeena active usage like checking regularly, posting, etc.

@mdewald ok cool. I'm using Twitter as a write only medium where I cross post from my website automatically so it kind of counts but not really :D

@mdewald I recently went back to Facebook to pull down some old photos and to catch up with a few folks. I don't actively use social media for socials. I now keep profiles active so that if anybody needs to contact me they can, I don't check very often though and I don't post new content.

Wish I could get everybody onto IRC or something. Shamefully most folk I know are 100% into convenience, they won't use something new unless everybody else is. A comfy old shoe.

@Sk4zZi0uS Convenience… yes, I have to absolutely agree with you.

@mdewald I checked Facebook as Facebook groups are irreplaceable for some nich subjects.

I use Instagram or Line (Japanese chat app that's popular in Asia) to connect with people I know.

Mastodon for general shit posting and minor discussions.

Finally hacker news for bleeding edge tech news and Reddit for discussions and everything else really.

@mdewald I only *use* Mastodon, but I still maintain a Twitter account (to easily follow school related accoutns) and a Facebook one (so I can in theory know if people tag me in a photo).

"Other" in my case means YouTube if that counts as a social network.

@mdewald Id recommend looking into Pleroma as an alternative to Mastodon.

@mdewald Mastodon belongs to the fediverse net. I'm answering you through Pleroma!

@mdewald I'm pretty minimal on FB now, and will probably eliminate it eventually. My mom still posts there, which is the last tether.

I post to Twitter, but only because everything I post here automatically crossposts. I very much wish academics in particular would migrate here:

Finally, I get some networking value from LinkedIn, so I haven't dropped it. I'm not sure what in the Fediverse could serve the same purpose.

@stevefoerster interesting post, just finished reading it. Thanks for sharing! :)

@mdewald got rid of almost all FB related services except WhatsApp. Pains me to say it, but I rather use it over SMS for those who (understandably) refuse to install yet another app.

@Krash @mdewald I hear you. It will be much harder to extricate myself from WhatsApp than from FB.

@herag It’s awesome until now, so many possibilities. It’s a whole new experience if the platform isn’t trying to exploit you, aka, when you’re not the product its a whole new world. :)

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