I vote this to be our officiall community drink, but nobody is allowed to buy it we all have to make it from the ingredient list 🤣

I don't know about others and feel free mention if i'm missing something. As the Linux community grows over time(which is great), the more I see people, from within the community, that are trashing various Linux distributions or Linux overall. Many of us are aware that not all distro's are perfect and that not all will work great for each piece of hardware.

But I feel that they keep forgetting that they're getting a great platform with many great tools and with support for free...

Re- #introduction due to some incapacitating decisiveness about how to use different accounts:

I work in IT, study Philosophy (history of) and Japanese, and I help admin camp.smolnet.org, a tiny (and sort of Swedish) Mastodon instance for the smol internet. I like cats, birds, snacks, books, yarn, and general nerdy stuff. I like Linux and hate computers. よろしくお願いします!

Okay, I'm curious, when did you guys first hear about/join Linux? Please boost for a wider data pool. :boost_love:

Upgrading :fedora: from 35 to 36 was almost painless. Had to remove virtualbox temporarily and get one new :gnomewhite: extension. The new dark mode looks great!

Distro hoppers be like: Zoom dropped a call this week, so I decided to blame Ubuntu and go compile a whole distribution from scratch over the weekend in protest.

If you upgraded to #Fedora 36 during the beta period, it's a good idea to run `dnf distro-sync` today.

Well, Fedora 36 has been released and my distro hop senses are tingling. Sigh... time to backup data and to install Fedora. Really hoping once I try Fedora it will be THE distro and stop me distro hopping.


Party time! (Well, actually — the party is on Friday and Saturday. See you there?)

How do you manage your .dotfiles?
Reply for other methods.
Boosts are appreciated.

Recurring offer reminder: I'll help / mentor / teach / tutor / troubleshoot with anyone who wants to learn git for basic version control, collaboration, managing personal projects, or for a day job. I'll work to connect people with mentors other than me if they prefer - no need to explain why.

Same for bash, command line tools, and so on.

I want using & contributing to FS/OSS to be easier for way more people.

Boosts appreciated!!

#gittutors #git #help #teaching #troubleshooting #ohShitGit

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I had introduced some exotic PC operating systems here some time ago but I didn't know this one either and it is completely written in assembly, respect.

💻 menuetos.net

#os #pc #assembly #operatingsystem #desktop #laptop #exotic

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