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If you rely on Facebook and Google for information of public interest, you will live without knowing anything about the world.

I finally have a proper level generator for my . It's much like most traditional maps, with rooms, twisty little passages, and mold growing on the walls. Sacrificing quantity of rooms for size was the right choice, I think; it will allow for more diversity in the maps as time goes on.

This game is of course and can be found at

After 12 hours of struggling, I've finally switched my desktop from ubuntu to arch, and the difference in touchscreen support between gnome 3.28 and 3.32 is incredible. These changes alone have made this whole change worth the effort.

I hate people that does not pick up the shit after their dogs

So we have just moved Operationtulip to our new home!

I’m really disappointed that no-one has commented on my girlfriends nudes on my site,

*Sits back & smirks, just watching analytics skyrocket*

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