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The algorithms and artificial intelligences of corporations do not have the open source, no one knows for sure, how they are working

Google is the biggest computer virus that has ever existed.

Google is also the largest databreach
that technology has ever encountered.

Using open source, GNU Linux and then having Facebook and using Google is the biggest nonsense a user can do.

that Google and Facebook use and exploit user data, index and make public personal elements of people, analyze and monitor individuals for profit, why do they not pay users for their exploitation?

Gmail is an application of a corporation that spies and gets rich reading users' emails, there is no proper way to use it, there is only the fact that it should not be used

There is no proper or safe way to use Google and Facebook, because they work against the law.
Against open source licences.

the pleroma vs mastodon "war" is kinda stupid

Google,Facebook = NSA

Google - Facebook
exploit open source, human data and every resource for their dirty business.

Sfruttano l'open source i dati umani e ogni risorsa per i loro sporchi affari.

Are enemies of the human race

Sono nemici della razza umana.

this is one of the new and very dangerous criminals, enemy of human rights

Well, is there any good desktop music player for that you recommend? lol

a good tool to use youtube and not get used by Google is this:

questo stupido burattino
è invece manipolato dalla CIA ed NSA per il progetto:

this stupid puppet
is manipulated by the CIA and NSA for the project:

this is one of the new and very dangerous criminals, enemy of human rights

- Notre Dame burns, no effect on the people: entire world loses their minds.
- People go to eurovision song fuckfest: entire world loses their minds.
- Big Corps are doing major anti-consumer things, pretty severe effects on the people: nobody cares.

Am I really missing some memo or what?

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