@wowaname Exactly this.
I used to use Keybase but once I discovered the YubiKey I started to realize my mistake.
So I revoked my old key and made a new key that only is on the YubiKey.
I get it that it's "for convenience" but it's a major risk...

@wowaname I have actually used keybase for around 3 years or so?
And I have *never* found any option to upload just a public key.
I have spend days upon days how to import my yubikey public key into my account but haven't found anything so just nuked my account.

Keybase and yubikey are for entirely different things but you can't use them in conjunction.
I'm sorry but you must be incredibly stupid to think everyone wants to look into the documentation for years to import a stupid public.

Looking to the docs, looking on Google (back when I still used Google) and asking around here and there on chats is not digging through the docs?

Also, why so mad all of the sudden?
Can't hold a properly civilized discussion?
Or how about actually show me how to do it so I can potentially change my opinions on Keybase and learn new stuff?

Honestly man, such behaviour is pathetic.
I'm willing to learn stuff, but not from trash like you.

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