Actually, an relay with and support would be kinda nice

Facebook is having outages.

me: *laughs in Fediverse*

Struggled for several hours to get Visio 2019 to work, but I did'nt gave up and installed Libreoffice instead :)

A man who spends all his time worrying about how he can keep the
wolf from the door.

A man who refuses to see the wolf until he seizes the seat of
his pants.

A man who invites the wolf in and appears the next day in a fur coat.

Mommy, what happens to your files when you die?

I recognize many names on the Feedback for 3(3)(i) from mastodon, glad to see that many here take actions!

If you have'nt done it yourself, please do!

Official LineageOS 16.0 coming to your nearest phones!

As my follower base keeps growing, so does the reach for my propaganda.

#RadioLockdown is a threat for user freedom on smartphones, routers and many more devices. But by Monday, you can give your feedback to the #EUCommission.

It's important to show that we care about freedom! Participating is not hard, all info here:

TFW people publish about open science and transparency behind paywalls 🙄 can we stop please?

After the surgical strike 2.0 modi ji should focus on Kashmir and scrap articles 370 and 35A

I am bad at UI/UX and graphics. Should I still break the ice and try game dev.? :blobhyperthink:

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