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I'm such a cynical old fart.

When I heard the news that they detected water on K2-18b 128 lightyears away and they all standed there exited about the finding and the viewer get the impression that they actually saw water on a planet.

Meanwhile I'm thinking.

Yeah right, first off you find a star. Then detect a wobble in its light. Then try to figure out where /a/ planet is. Then read the spectrum emitted from that direction. It's a lot of spikes on a graph is what it is. Still cool though.

Distrohopper question: Anyone here used Netrunner and know how it compares to Manjaro?

If this instance has a TLD of `pizza`, does this mean that we get pizza for free?

Innovation is synonymous with

Artificial intelligence is the greatest enemy of the human race, but ordinary people cannot perceive the danger.

When we have a chance to understand what is happening, it will be too late to change.

The fashion of technology was induced by corporations to enslave humans to the machine.

In need of a new (for physical cards n cash).
Feel free to something (max 50 euro).

I prefer

does someone have a reliable minecraft server?

I am really in some sort of minecraft period, must be the kids who made me

Anyone got any ideas of how to breathe some Linux life into an old Acer Aspire One notebook? Puppy works but is there anything else? I get that ol' message "this kernel requires an x86-64 CPU, but only detected an i686 CPU, please use an appropriate kernel etc."

If you rely on Facebook and Google for information of public interest, you will live without knowing anything about the world.

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