Linux elitism makes me sick. I'm tired of people screaming at me what I should be doing on my computer. Shouldn't the linux desktop be about freedom, not about basement people with super inflated egos narrowing your choices?

Please don't be a linux elitist. It's not healthy for the community and your social life.

@kenos this is more of a "some humans want to feel smug and exert control" thing than something particular to Linux as such, but yeah

@thor @kenos Indeed I don’t see an inherently strong correllation w/linux. OTOH, a platform like MS Windows tends not to attract people who want to advance their tech skills, so I can see how switching to an OS that enables advanced usage would bring you closer to people who are on the never-ending path of self-improvement. It’s hard to address the OP’s issue beyond that w/out more context

@kenos @thor Linux also tends to attract people who give a shit about digital rights & ethics. So it’s unclear if the OP is dealing with activists w/an ethical agenda or if it’s people who have discovered power tools that enable them to achieve more (in which case they might be trying to help others find the same success).

@koherecoWatchdog @kenos @thor They might be, but unsolicited advice is never in good taste.


I hate these elitists because they empower brands like Apple by making Linux-based systems seem like a complicated operating system to use.

It kinda is the same with the desktop environment devs: theming is nice and all but it makes software harder to use and should be slightly gatekept or at least surrounded with warning tape.

@kenos If you have a problem with some program's configuration - you should simply switch distributions!!

@kenos I choose "things that didn't happen" for ten, Bob...

@kenos I am also against the basement people. Linux elitism is best done at the library room next to the fireplace with a glass of fine bourbon in hand.

@kenos yeah, I love Linux and FOSS, but it's about FREEDOM. That means the freedom to use it or not use it and to use what you want. We all need to get over "x is better, so I'm going to keep telling you how your y is worse." It's one thing to learn about new and exciting tech and to share with others, but there's a helpful and constructive way to go about that.

@kenos The fact that there are so many GNU users that have never heard of GNU makes me sick.
I don't care about what you do on your computer, but I care if you speak about the GNU/Linux OS and only mention the "open source" ideals.
The GNU/Linux desktop has been here since 1995 or so and is about giving the user freedom, while the "linux desktop" doesn't exist, as Linux does not operate on its own.

@kenos gatekeeping sucks. much of the community is welcoming and inclusive, but there is always that element.

@kenos LOVE ITTTTTTTTTTTT!!! lmfao. How about It's okay to be an elitest. That I don't mind. If you're good at what you do? That's Dope. How about DON'T BE A FUCKING DICK!!! sIMPLe as. Just be a KIND and Decent Person?


@kenos it’s about freedom but not about using proprietary application as an excuse. Not all Linux users sit in basements. Linux and freedom software is about principles not just a software

@kenos you have such people in every community. Just like you do in politics, they are called extremists for a reason. Nobody should listen to them.

@kenos i have only war with arch and kde. rest is OK. including even ubuntu. im not gonna lock anyone into my preferences, yes. i can only say what i use. but mostly i will then tell also about bugs i have, so nothing to force ;p

@kenos I'm happy to be a Linux user again, but it does irk me the amount of elitism that exists amongst the Linux userbase. I'm not special because I use Linux. I use Linux because it's the best choice for me.

Tbh, this kind of unhelpful "get gud" mentality has driven me from at least one Linux forum where I asked for help in the past couple of weeks. And I really liked the feel of the place before that! I thought about staying! But no, fuck that mentality.

I'd rather shout into the void here trying to get help than deal with that.

I think it's very often a bad idea to base recommendations on one's own usage. E.g. I use KVM for virtualisation because it's much more flexible and supports features like nested virtualisation and GPU passthrough. I *would not* recommend this to people starting out or with a very simple use case - I'd recommend VirtualBox because it's much easier and what I started with (also because it's cross-platform so they'll learn something they can use elsewhere, not just on Linux).

With Linux I use Manjaro which is great if you want newer packages but for new users I'd recommend Linux Mint and for corporate deployments something like Ubuntu/RHEL.
@kenos I agree. But are you running Arch Linux? (Sorry I couldn't help myself)

@kenos Sometimes I can't keep myself thinking about these Linux elitists are just bot accounts that's been created by Microsoft to make the Linux newcomers hate about the thing that they're trying to learn how to use and make them switch back to Windows. I mean I can't find any reason for a person to act like that.

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