I was wondering why my wireless keyboard's connection was acting up and then I saw this

CW: gross stuff

@TED is helping educate people about the in this event.

Countdown is live! This virtual event, streaming free today, 10.10.2020 from 11am - 5pm ET, is the Global Launch of Countdown, a new initiative to accelerate...


I feel like Ben Eater while playing with these shift registers today

Dang people were so clever back then. Today's solution for doing the exact same thing would be to add sensors and ICs, when it could be done so easily without electricity (except for power of course).

The Antique Toaster that's Better than Yours - Technology Connections


Seriously all app devs should somehow organization an 🍎 boycott and see how iSheep defend having no apps


Microsoft also needs to be bold enough to go out there and force devs kinda like apple does
Windows on Arm Only Needs One Thing to Become Great


This is $1000 vs $400 and it's the first Android phone to really beat any Apple chipset in a long long time. Apple's been doing an amazing job with their mobile chips for the past few years.
Asus ROG Phone 3 vs iPhone SE (2020)



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