I'm also trying out the . Anyone here using it? It looks and feels pretty good.

I'm in the process of installing and on another machine right now. Anyone else use it?

I really messed up my laptop boot record. I have windows10 on the first drive and pureos on the second drive. Now it doesn't boot into either one. I can boot from a live and see everything. It's just the bootmgr that is trashed somehow. Any clues how to fix it without re installing everything?

Big rewards tonight on ! I install and and built a simple and served it on my localhost. But first I had to totally kill my system and had to reset could not login for some reason. Also had to kill I installed the other day because of some locale issue. Had to generate locale environemnt... then reinstall guile with guix and voilla all the errors went away and I could build and serve my haunt blog!!! Yay!!! Don't ask me to repeat it all!

how do I follow another user on another instance of mastadon I tried all kinds of options for my username and none worked?

I have to figure out how to get my working on my laptop, I needed it today and could not figure it out. I usually use it wired at home.

I've tried a bunch of distros and I keep coming back to stock 19.04
as my daily driver.

My next phone will be a linux based phone for sure! What do you reccomend?

I found this one so far

Just heard this oldie but goodie which brought me back You Don't Mess Around With Jim youtu.be/TajUFGstkk4

I just installed on my Alienware r13 laptop. I'm really liking it. Mostly using it for writing code. What are you running?


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