Can free software/open source/hacky software projects stop using fucking discord as
1. Their primary community
2. Their main support network
3. Documentation

Its genuinely madness the mental gymnastics that community maintainers must have to go through to contribute to open software and then allow this proprietary dogshit to monopolize their communities communication, support and documentation.

It only serves to obfuscate search results online. Instead of searching the web and finding an answer from a forum post you have to (assuming you're on shitcord) join their "server", try using the search feature, find it returns nothing, try asking the question, get told there's already an answer further up, scroll through thousands of messages trying to find it, never find it, you have now exhausted all community support. Compared to searching question

Not to mention how impossible it will become to find answers in the future as the community becomes less active and dies off. You can't archive a shitcord chat (easily), compare this to one click archiving on etc, site goes down? No problem I'll look at an archive. Discord group gets deleted, sorry bud there goes all the knowledge and documentation for the project

@joe Oh it's dead simple to log a whole guild.
If you don't mind getting your account deleted :)


And dont forget the "cost" of time supporting all the people joining and asking the same questions....

@joe What is your top pick(s) for an alternative? Preferably low cost managed service. I have several #FOSS communities I want to move off of discord and slack. Moving to Big Blue Button for #mobprogramming sessions. was zoom and twitch (thanks @lightweight and @nemo for the nudges)

@nemo @hobson @lightweight I really think moving to another service or whatever which provides the same function (large community chatrooms/group chats) is largely sidestepping one of the core issues. Discoverability of knowledge. By placing answers in one continuous linear thread it makes it near impossible for anyone to discover the nugget of knowledge after the fact. I understand the benefits of something like this

@nemo @hobson @lightweight however I believe the wasted time, energy and effort of maintainers, contributors etc from answering repeated questions out ways the benefits of an approach like this especially when compared with other methods which make it easier to discover information such as a wiki and forums. I believe there is a happy medium between the two approaches combining the strong discovery of one with the expanded community and ease of Engagement

@nemo @hobson @lightweight but we as a community are yet to find, create and implement such a strategy

@joe @nemo @lightweight I teach NLP and use those FAQs to train a chatbot called qary that can answer those questions for me and be my teaching assistant: . One mentee built a history tutor bot: and is working on an algebra tutor bot.

@hobson From the folks around the fediverse :D as I've stated before, a lot of cool folks are around here :D

@joe @lightweight

@nemo @joe @lightweight thank you for gathering it up into a consolidated list.

@hobson Sure my pleasure ;) , always glad to be of some use :D @joe @lightweight

@hobson (sorry, been offline for a while) - I'd recommend Rocket.Chat
@joe @nemo

@lightweight @joe @nemo thank you! Ive heard good things about rocket chat too

@hobson been running & hosting 6-7 instances myself which is very low cost and low maintenance in my experience... great value for communities, because there's no per-user cost whatsoever. @joe @nemo

@joe When various randos came into dev support channels on IRC just to innocently announce, "This channel is closed now. We all moved to Discord! Come say hi at _____" I absolutely knew people were gonna fall for it.

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