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Vapad 0.2.0 released. While this is still prerelease quality, the usability improvements are stacking up. Search and replace are working nicely, completions are integrated into the search bar for previously searched strings, and there are in app notifications using Adwaita's ToastOverlay widget, for notifying the user of various operations.

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This is not to say we can't make the tools better. We can and we should.

But we should not promote learned helplessness, either.

Let us make tools that people feel comfortable using as tools -- in other words, things that can help them make and shape the world around them.

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Lots of people talking about things related to tech being "too hard" for people and that somehow people shouldn't have to learn the tools of the modern times.

Carl Sagan had some thoughts about that:

Feels clunky to me to have an address bar inside a headerbar, doesn't really leave anywhere to grab in order to drag the window around. But I'm intrigued by what the BlackBox terminal did, placing the tabs in the headerbar.

Now I'm considering doing the similar for Eva. Right now a notification gets sent when a file is saved to disk, but this would definitely be better inside the application. I'm just not sold completely on using a headerbar in a browser window. At least not the way it seems to be done most of the time.

Accepted a patch to use libadwaita in Vapad this morning. The ability to send in app notifications using Adw.ToastOverlay was the deciding factor. In general, I'm coming around on Adwaita. It definitely has some useful widgets. It just requires some buy in to Gnome design patterns.

At some point I'll go in and replace the tab labels so that instead of displaying the widget name they display the color of that particular gradient stop. Other than that, this is the finished interface, and about as simple as I can make it.

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Well, not just waiting actually. I got in touch with the devs and a maintainer put the code back in that used to enable a clear background for Vte. Problem is it's not working for me. I need to write a little test program in C to see if it is actually broken or if I'm messing up the Rust FFI. The bindings don't have the replaced function, si I rolled my own.

Gah, not looking forward to writing any C again...

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I took a little break from Vala and went back to do a refresh of the gradient editor in OxTerm, which will be used (eventually) to set gradient backgrounds. I personally think it's a lot nicer than what existed in Zterm. This is now fully capable of creating the css required to make the setting active, just waiting on the Vte port to gtk4 to regain some abilities.

From never having used Vala to a functional text editor in less than a week. Vapad-0.1.0 is a bog simple text editor with sensible defaults.

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GTK4 expressions are wonderful. They allow you to cut out so much glue code. Instead of having to manually call obj.set_bar( when bar changes, you can use an expression that listens to and automatically sets Or pass into a function for processing. All within the UI file.

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My little Vala test project, a text editor called Vapad, can load files and set syntax highlighting now. I'm really enjoying the fast results with Vala.

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I wrote down my long term vision for #forge #federation. A constellation of forges, where Free Software is grown locally and organically 🌱

@forgefriends @gitea @hostea @forgefed @codeberg #framagit are pieces of this puzzle, each developed with ❤️

There is no need for mega forges with millions of projects and tenths of millions of people ruled by a centralized power. ☠️

They must vanish and make room for thousands of small forges communicating with each other. 🤝

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this mold hack by Rui Ueyama is both brilliant, and also WTF Apple please don't make us do stuff like this 😱

this is a result of NEW DECISIONS made by Apple in the last year. this is not dealing with old legacy cruft...

So the function vte_terminal_set_clear_background is not ported to gtk4 as of this time, blocking the use of image and gradient backgrounds. OxTerm has the capability to set the css now, but it does nothing.

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