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It's not exactly what I would choose, but I'll be doing some contract work with a friend. It's web dev, simple html and php, but I'm glad to have it and actually be able to say I'm working in a field that I don't hate.

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Just finished knocking together a Finger server in Rust. Probably a little bit overkill for Finger, but I wanted to practice for something bigger in the future.

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violent vent 

people shouldn't be allowed to publish programs unless they commit to writing proper docs.


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I'm sorry if you are only trying to use fedi to promote your "content" please think again as there's no algorithm to back you up. Turns out you need to think about your audience as literally actual people. People who tend to ignore ads.

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Since coming to Mastodon from Twitter a month ago, the Fediverse is a breath of fresh air. More interesting posts, diversity and no BS like Twitter.

Have a bitch’n day everybody!

New blog post about improving the gemtext parser in GemView. Goes a bit into my first foray into Rust lifetimes.

Finished integrating the new gemtext parser into GemView and Eva, including several notable improvements since yesterday. This but of code is my first time using Rust lifetimes on purpose to reduce the number of allocations. Overall, I'm rather proud of it.

Rewriting the gemtext parser in GemView from scratch. The old code was inherited from what was originally a dependency, where the author never responded to a single bug or pull request.

I've spent 27 years in the workforce in jobs that were anything but the tech sector. I have no college to my name, but have been using open source software daily for over 20 years and spent the last couple of years pushing myself to learn programming.

Any advice as I begin looking for a job that would actually put those skills to good use? Thanks in advance, fediverse.

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abuse, cypher culture 

Peeps are doing such a bad job expressing the problems with the new scanning proposal from the @EU_Commission

Hopefully I can sort it out with some dos and don'ts.

To activists:

Don't downplay CSAM! It's creepy, it's harmful, it's an abusive industry, it ruins kids' lives, I shouldn't even have to be saying all of this because it should be so freaking obvious. You are coming across as the most callous motherfucks of all time. I keep seeing "lol who cares", "lol it's a made up problem", "lol it's only a cover for their spying and repression"—I'm blocking all of you fucks!

Do point out how utterly unworkable, inefficent, intrusive, network-wrecking, impossible the commission's proposal is. They might as well have asked for flying carpets. E2ee lives on the app layer of the internet stack, and the only way you shut down the app layer is with a root kit on every box i.e. with the end of general purpose computing.

To @EU_Commission : It's just not gonna happen. You have got to reconsider this. It's practically and logically and programmatically and physically impossible.

Last day of my little mini vacation. I need another one.

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@neauoire digression: every computer since the late 90s a linked list is slower than array or vector or multiarraylist just because the memory read is slower than the cpu by like 3 orders of magnitude

@andrewrk had a good talk on this in his "data oriented design" talk

waiting for memory by spinning is often as wasteful as storing too much in memory.

Spartan uploads are now working in GemView and Eva. There's a few small bugs around Spartan left to smooth out but it's in a usable state now.

Eva now has partial Spartan protocol support. What's missing? basically just uploads right now, which are partially implemented in the backend.

So a couple of days ago my girlfriend came home to our freezer being warm and all of it's contents ruined. After digging through it, I wound up replacing the starter relay, and it runs and gets cold again. But, like an idiot, I never took photos of how the wires connect back to the thermostat (which I had bypassed for testing), so now I have to go play with a meter and try to figure it out.

Adding Spartan protocol support to GemView, which should land it in Eva for the next release.

Also the zig-gtk3 bindings have seen a good deal of updating this past week. The last of things which are implemented is getting longer all of the time, but there's still a few large swaths of the Gtk+ api to cover. Although, it's still pretty easy to just call the C interfaces directly.

Adding a little polish to Zterm again. The tab title now follows the current directory of the focused terminal. Next will be dynamically setting the window title.

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@humanetech Email was federated. Then gmail happened.

I’m clearly not sick of saying it yet (for some reason) but we need systems that cannot be captured and enclosed. Where economies of scale don’t make sense. And those are systems where we don’t have servers of 1-1,000,000 but servers of 1 (which are just always-on relay nodes in an otherwise peer to peer network). That’s the small web vision. And we desperately need it to exist. (Well, I do, at least.)

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