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Downloads are now (mostly) working in my local branch of Eva. I'll polish it up a bit tommorrow before pushing the changes to Codeberg.

Gfret now saves files in a background thread. Next is massaging the layout code so that the math is done in parallel across multiple threads.

I've been a bit at a time moving my Rust binary programs to a packaging system that only relies on Cargo and Rustc. The Gfret build now bootstraps a second binary which generates Unix man pages, shell completions, and converts the svg icon to various sizes of png, placing everything into "target/dist". My new gemini capsule generator, Zond, uses a similar system. Eva needs this treatment next.

Tried out the cargo_completions crate in one of my projects and I have to say, this is awesome. Being able to automatically generate shell completion scripts at compile time with very little friction is pretty amazing.

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Just pushed the basics for searching from the address bar in Eva. Right now it works with the Gus engine for gemini and Veronica 2 for gopher, but there will be provision for custom search engines in the future (assuming more crawlers come online for gemini).

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Yeey, its #cryptowar - again.
EU don't do it, even if you wanted to take the trade off - reduce sharing off CSAM (Child Sexual Abbuse Material) vs. no more private communication for each citizen - the means you are propossing are not at all effective. Someone such deeply engaged in criminal activity will very likely also dare to use non-EU-licensed software. I really don't understand how this keeps coming up. #Chatkontrolle

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Found in the wild on, names changed to protect the guilty.

pub struct Foo {
pub type: String,

What kind of idiot uses a language level keyword to name a struct field? And even makes it part of the public api?

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Of course, in a perfect world, all server certificates would be strictly compliant. But this is a case where perfect is the enemy of the good.

I wound up replacing rustls with native_tls in gemview. Rustls is just too picky about what certificates it will accept. That's poetically a good thing, for the web, but gemini space is a different beast and it was a source of grief. Notably, the Gus search engine has a certificate that rustls considers broken.

If you want to build a gemini client using Rust, I would say save yourself some aggravation here and use something other than rustls from the start.

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How do you feel about computers?

It's now possible to navigate to a bookmark in Eva just by typing the short name of the bookmark into the address bar. Inspired by Qutebrowser's quickmarks feature.

Kind of curious why Rust's Error type can't be sent between threads? Just seems odd.

Network traffic in gemview now happens in a background thread, making page requests non-blocking. Going to work on documentation and bug squashing before doing a release.

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#Codeberg is now running #Gitea 1.16, in case you missed the changes that appeared recently (e.g. our revamped dark theme etc).
Thanks to the maintainers and all the contributors who made this possible.

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