Did a small amount of work on Zterm. Tabs now expand to fill the horizontal space.

Release 0.3.1 of
* Added `About` dialog with credits
* Removed `Makefile` as all functionality is now in `build.zig`
* Export png application icons via `build.zig`
* Create binary tarball via `build.zig`
* Cleaned up application menu

I also went in and added a function to the `build.zig` for which exports png icons in various sizes as part of the build process. Next release should be way less manual work.

The gradient background settings are now fully integrated into . Cleanup pass over the code over the next few days followed by a point release.

Work is progressing on the gradient branch of Zterm. The gradient editor tab of the preferences window is mocked up and the controls are shown or hid depending on which ones are context appropriate. Just need to use the widget states to generate some css and apply it to the preview window whenever a control is changed, then apply the same css as the terminal background when the dialog is closed.

Hacking on Zterrm some, trying things out with css backgrounds. I'm considering adding a gradient background option, complete with a gradient editor.


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