Tried out the cargo_completions crate in one of my projects and I have to say, this is awesome. Being able to automatically generate shell completion scripts at compile time with very little friction is pretty amazing.

Gemtext rendering *should* be finished in Eva. Css is now included from a source file and the colors replaced with those from the config. Both block-quotes and pre-formatted sections appear in cards with rounded edges, a thin border, and box-shadow. Looks nice I think, one of the prettier Gemini clients you'll see. Probably start work on bookmarks next.

Eva now applies css styling to preformatted blocks of gemtext, including rounded corners and box-shadows as was done with blockquotes. While in there, I fixed a bug which was preventing the navigation buttons from getting the correct state when going forward and back.

Fixed my issue with the preview image rendering in Gfret. This was the last milestone on the road to the 2.0 release. Which just leaves some code cleanup and documentation before I tag it and publish.


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