Vapad 0.2.0 released. While this is still prerelease quality, the usability improvements are stacking up. Search and replace are working nicely, completions are integrated into the search bar for previously searched strings, and there are in app notifications using Adwaita's ToastOverlay widget, for notifying the user of various operations.

I took a little break from Vala and went back to do a refresh of the gradient editor in OxTerm, which will be used (eventually) to set gradient backgrounds. I personally think it's a lot nicer than what existed in Zterm. This is now fully capable of creating the css required to make the setting active, just waiting on the Vte port to gtk4 to regain some abilities.

From never having used Vala to a functional text editor in less than a week. Vapad-0.1.0 is a bog simple text editor with sensible defaults.

Some progress on OxTerm. The preferences dialog is about 3/4 mocked up (though none of the settings do anything yet). Everything that Zterm supported for configuration will be supported in OxTerm, plus a tab position setting and the ability to save and load color palettes.

Eva gemini browser displaying it's bookmarks page. Bookmarks are organized by tags, and can be accessed via the menu, keyboard shortcut "<Shift><Ctrl>O" or by the url "eva://bookmarks". History access will be similar.

Some work on styling blockquotes in Eva. The margins, padding and box-shadow are fixed, while the background and text colors are themeable.

Zterm with a 4-stop linear gradient background. Love your terminal.

Zterm 0.2.0 released.

Zterm is a relatively simple and lightweight terminal emulator written in Zig using the Gtk+ toolkit and libvte. It features tabs and split views with a simple and clean interface.

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