I just added a Fortran implementation for my little test bed sine wave generator utility. That brings the number of different languages this program has been written in up to seven: C, Rust, Zig, Hare, Nim, Python and Fortran.

I've always found Fortran interesting but never took the time to write anything in it. Surprisingly, there seems to be a thriving community around the language, and the fpm package manager works just like you would expect coming from a modern language.

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@tibfulv I've never felt the urge to learn Lisp (probably because I'm a Vim user). Maybe I should anyway?

Indeed. I should think vim is not a hindrance to learning Lisp, though Emacs would naturally speed your path to it.

The package manager is quicklisp, and SBCL is a common compiler/interpreter derived from CMUCL. I always wanted to learn it, but my illness prevented me.

Now, learning nano _is_ a hindrance to learning Lisp, lol.

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