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I updated my bio to include a bit less "name dropping", but I feel one thing still warrants a bit of an explanation. I describe myself as an "ethical vegan" but only heard about that term a few weeks ago. I read a book by Jordi Casamitjana, who fought for ethical veganism to be recognized as a philosophical belief (at least in the UK). It resonated with me so much that I immediately knew that this is describes me pretty well, or describes what I aspire to be.

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Very happy to present my own repository on @codeberg! :blobaww:

(I know it's just dotfiles but I am proud nonetheless!)

Hey and happy !

New question for you: do you know of any baby monitors with FOSS Android apps? Like the baby phones that connect to an app on your iPhone but without sending your child's data to Cupertino. And for not-Apple stuff please.

Boosts super welcome!

Here's a pic of a cat on a puzzle power trip for your troubles

Hey ,

Do you have any recommendations for good FLOSS calendar apps for Android? I'm using etar right now but was wondering if there are good alternatives

Thanks to all! Boosts welcome!

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WhatsApp: Upload von Kontaktdaten ist illegal: „Wer über WhatsApp die Telefonnummern seiner Kontakte automatisch an das Unternehmen weiterleitet, ohne die Betroffenen vorher um Erlaubnis zu fragen, begeht eine Rechtsverletzung. Das entschied das Amtsgericht Bad Hersfeld (Az. F 120/17 EASO).“ (Quelle: Spiegel)

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David tenant implies the existence of a Goliath landlord has anyone made this joke please let me be at peace

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Introducing Threema Libre for Android!

🚫 No Google services to begin with
📖 All components are open source
📲 Exclusively available via @fdroidorg


Does anybody know/can recommend a guide/site/page/guru for tips to keep your privacy as intact as possible* on a macbook air (not m1)

*deliberate qualifier since no Apple device is private. I just want to reduce what "they" can see/read/hear

Boosts welcome and thank you in advance!

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An alle deutschen Fedinauten:

Ich plane nen neuem PC zu kaufen und suche noch den passenden online shop.

Mein bisheriger (kleine Firma, tolle Preise, super service) ist leider vor Jahren insolvent gegangen.

Wo kauft ihr eure PCs?

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Ich weiß, es ist ein alter Hut - aber eben festzustellen, dass ich per ActivityPub mein Wordpress Blog nach Mastodon bekomme und die Antworten darauf automatisch drüben bei Wordpress als Kommentare auftauchen hat mich gerade sehr glücklich gemacht :-)

Just to explain: I saw some apple strudel which said to be vegan suitable but didn't go so far as to declare their fatty acids to not be of animal origin.

A few weeks ago I decided to up my vegan game to be as vegan "to the bone" as is possible and practicable for me. Sadly, I don't perceive the probably delicious frozen strudel as so essential to my survival to be okay with an animal potentially being killed for this purpose.

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I just wanna complain real quick about what I perceive as annoying:

If your product contains a percentage of mono- and diglyceride of stearic or any other fatty acid of non-vegetable origin - take off the label "suitable for vegans" .

Maybe replace it with "mostly vegan except for this super tiny amount of maybe animal fat-derived whatever, but here's all the info, YOU make the decision if it's vegan enough for you."


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Computer security is really, really important. It was important decades ago, when computers were merely how we ran our financial system, aviation, and the power grid. Today, as more and more of us have our bodies inside of computers (cars, houses, etc) and computers in our body (implants), computer security is *urgent*.


"JavaScript arrays are best described as arrays."

Thanks, w3schools.

I installed the proprietary version of VS Code on my machine cause some extensions were not available on VSCodium. I'll see if they're really important to me to keep it, I feel kinda bad to not use the open source community's build but I really like STolinski's theme and codesnapshot and just wanted to say so "out loud".


Carry on.

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Ich habe eine Karte für #IronMaiden in Frankfurt am Dienstag nächster Woche über, weil die Tochter (14) schwächelt. :-)

Ist ein VIP Business Seat, Haupttribüne 6D, 105€

Wer mag melden. Musst halt neben mir sitzen. Gerne teilen.


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Last weekend our cat had a hard time with her kidney desease. We thought it was time to let her go. Didn't eat, lost weight, threw up a lot.

Blood tests were really bad and we spent 4 consecutive days at the vet (thur-sun). Fortunatelly she is doing much better now after the vets treatment.

So good she even killed a young bird today 🙄

Glad we don't had to put her down.

So, today is a really happy

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