I feel like the fact that 'federated' is a buzzword for internet technologies is pretty silly. Shouldn't everything be federated? Isn't the point of the internet to be inter-networked?

Internet in it's initial stage was not that organised and kind of rough around the edges. Internet companies like Google and Facebook took the advantage and gave people a easy to use and convenient medium. They also kept everything free. People thought 'internet was free before and now it's free too with more convenience so why not use these companies'. And as everything is behind scenes most of them believed no one is watching.

@jaxter184 When speaking of infrastructure, yes. However, the development over the last decade gave rise to several giant who have a monopoly on certain services.

E-mail? Gmail.
Searching? Google.
Videos? YouTube.
Social media? Facebook/Twitter.

These are the defaults people chose to accept.

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