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Sxmo 1.8.1 will be released soon with a fix for one of our most annoying and persistent issues - `` between upgrades.

I have written a blog post about the change and why we need users to `` on upgrades here:

@martijnbraam @joao @kop316 yeah basically someone posted the equivalent of "hey folks, run this: curl <foo> |sudo sh"

so someone uploaded a .apk package to the main #postmarketOS, with instructions to use the "--allow-untrusted" flag to install it. That flag disables package signing in apk, which is *really* bad idea.

Turns out, this package that was posted seems like it was almost certainly malware.


> While #Phosh is clearly the most popular UI across the board, it came as a genuine surprise to me how popular #SXMO and SWMO are in general and on #postmarketOS more specifically. I didn’t expect such a complex and unorthodox UI to gather such a following in a relatively short period of time. But to be clear, I think this is great. We also shouldn’t overlook that a sizable portion of respondents is indifferent to which UI they use as long as the experience is solid.

PinePhone community poll results are now available. Thank you to all those who took part in the questionnaire!

Sxmo 1.8.0 was just released. It has a plethora of usability improvements:

- the daemons more robust
- better bluetooth support
- pipewire/pulseaudio support

And many more fixes! Thanks to everyone that contributed and help identify major issues like the losing touch issue. The losing touch issue is fixed in pmOS edge and should be fixed in pmOS stable soon.

Full release notes here:


okay, now my #pinePDA is running sxmo since @kelbot gave me the magic swipe gesture to make it go landscape.

multiple workspaces, the toot-lab in one via firefox in fullscreen mode and zoom at 50%, and this is quite the little pocket computer!

If you use and are a little familiar with shell scripting, consider taking a look at , and

By following this well-written information, it's not that hard to contribute using -email and improve things or fix bugs.

My profession is not IT related and even I can understand it (although I still have a lot to learn) ;)

How to install coreboot on a Lenovo x230

I already use coreboot on my Lenovo W500 with FreeBSD. I bought a Lenovo x230 for a nice price. I decide to install coreboot on it.

As my installation notes might be useful for other people I decided to create a blog post about it.

#coreboot #raspberry-pi #skulls #linux #x230 #lenovo

#stafwag @stafwag


Did you notice that rather than on PC where you download a generic image which you can just live boot from USB, on ARM every distro needs to support every device individually? It's not just lacking mainline Linux support, it's also lacking a generic way to boot these devices like x86 has. #SPIflash can solve this perfectly by implementing UEFI on a dedicated chip but current new @PINE64 devices are lacking this. Let's get loud to make them add this again in new devices!

January Update:

CNY starts Feb 1st; production & shipping stand still
#pinephonepro EE orders open
#pinephone keyboard is available
#PineNote e-paper works (!!!) now available for order without coupon
#pinetime InfiniTime 1.8 release best one yet & more!

All work and no play makes Pete a dull boy...

To not end up in a "The Shining" situation, I decided to play a little with one of my new toys. #pinephone #pinephoneKeyboard #UBportsCE

I've been meaning to start a blog for a while, this seemed like a good opportunity. Here's my first impressions of the PinePhone keyboard:

pts/19 jan@LAPTOP ~$ dateutils.ddiff 1969-01-11 now -f 'Age=%yy, %mm, %dd.'
Age=53y, 0m, 0d.

Ever wondered how #Phosh UI runs on @PINE64 #PineNote?

This is running on top of the mainline kernel.

If your company really doesn't engage in unfair employment practices, there's no point in adding a stupid whitelist (ahem) like "m/f/d" to your job description. It doesn't make you any more inclusive, it just makes you look like that.

If you really want to improve the status quo, work on your interview and candidate selection process. Make it transparent and specify clear selection criteria. Strip data like nationality, age, gender etc. from the CV as early as possible in the application phase.

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