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If you think you should skip the #COVID19 vaccine, my DMs are open. I will try to convince you to reconsider. No pressure. But let me try to answer your questions and give you the information you need from reputable sources. I鈥檒l explain all the details. #GetVaccinated馃拤

Sxmo 1.5.0 has been released! We're the minimal, mobile, hackable UI for the #pinephone and other linux smartphones. This new release features more contributions than ever before! See or find the release notes here:

I use as my E-Mail client. Yes I know it doesn't support HTML, no I won't update it, because it is already up to date.

Sometimes, the stuff I read in the text/plain part of e-mails are just funny ;)

From: bpost
Subject: bpost: Bedankt om je pakje uit de Pakjesautomaat af te halen

Uw mailprogramma ondersteunt geen HTML.
U dient uw mailprogramma te updaten om de inhoud te kunnen lezen...

Release number 17

There was a bug with follow requests that would crash tut, so you should update.

New features:
* Store your account credentials in a password manager
* Short hints. Doesn't show the text for all keys

Read more here

#tui #terminal #linux #tut

With the final #PinePhone keyboard prototype now undergoing testing, we want to know, will you be grabbing one at launch?

Release number 14 of tut

* Yank URLs
* Pattern match/glob URLs so they will open with different programs
* Set up to five custom programs to open URLs with

Read more about the release here

#tui #terminal #linux #tut

Interesting to read: megi's PinePhone Development Log

2021鈥07鈥26: The latest prototype

Revision 2 of the PinePhone keyboard, this one is actually nice to type on :D

I've created a reference card for myself for the -out

Maybe it's useful for someone else? Hopefully there are no mistakes ;)

I eventually took 10 minutes to write a very quick post to talk about Mastodon and especially the TUI tut.

Why is everyone talking about #Windows 11 these days? We are waiting for the free #Debian 11 instead! Who too?

We'd like to take the opportunity to thank all the Debian contributors for their work in the past and on the upcoming #Bullseye release. Thank you for reliably powering Codeberg since day one!

We've been listening to feedback that there are too many password prompts in the on-device installer and that the dedicated #SSH user is confusing.

New workflow:
* sshd always disabled
* confusing prompts removed
* follow steps in the wiki to enable sshd and to disable password auth

Shout out to @mobian who is also using the on-device installer, contributed quite a few cool things and always had the dedicated SSH user dialog disabled 馃憢

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