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Happy 2nd Birthday to! and thank you to @selea for all you provide! :linuxpizza1: :blobrainbow: :ablobdj:

Composing toots in vim is really neat!
The TUI Mastodon Client "Tut" is written by , and if you want to try it out - you can download it here:

@joacim If you like to use the terminal I'll have to do some self-promotion and say that you should look at tut. It's not finished yet, but usable. An other option is to look at toot. They differ a bit, but not that much.

Working from bed with the PineBook Pro
on screen: tmux with weechat, lynx and tut (Mastodon terminal client)

Just spotted right now that there is a GNU inside the pizza box πŸ˜…

Now that i found out about it's the only way i'll get my weather...

Made some quick functions in #fish so all i have to do is type

wt = current conditions
wf = today+tomorrow forcast
wff = 3 day forcast

just awesome

I have written a post about my first impression of the Pinebook Pro:

Feedback welcome!
Ofcourse, I am going to post more about the Pinebbok Pro in the future, so check out @jselea :blobeyes:

Note to my stupid self:

- apt install <package> ( )
- apk add <package> ( )

- apk install <package>
- apt add <package>

It's nice weather. I'm outside making a long bicycle ride. So, let`s test if I can take a photo with my &

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