LOL so Just discovered the website WebToons and then stumbled on this gem

Give it a read and have a laugh LMAO :blobcatlaugh: :blobcatlobsterlaugh: :blobcatlaugh: :blobcatlobsterlaugh: :blobcatlaugh: :blobcatlobsterlaugh: :blobcatlaugh: :blobcatlobsterlaugh:

Happy 4th birthday to :ablobdj: :blobcatrainbow: :blobrainbow: :blobrainbow: :blobcatrainbow: :blobrainbow: 🍕🍕 :linux: :linuxpizza1:

Thanks for everything @selea

@artfors @selea

Yes, according to google translate the word for "baby teeth" is similar in our languages.

mjölk (swedish) = melk (dutch) = milk (english)
tänder (swedish) = tanden (dutch) = teeth (english)
mjölktänder (swedish) = melktanden (dutch) = baby teeth (english)

@selea @artfors The good part is that your daughter is OK now. Whish her good luck at the dentist tomorrow.

"mjölktänder", interesting swedish word, in dutch we call it "melktanden".

Weekly #LinuxPhone Update (21/2022): More work on the #PinePhonePro camera, including a test app by megi plus KDE Eco and GSoC news

#pinephone #Librem5

Release 1.0.10

You can now change the layout of tut on the fly with three new commands and leader actions.

* list-placement top | right | bottom | left
* list-split row | column
* proportions [int] [int]

Read more on about it on the release page. It also includes some bug fixes

#tut #terminal #cli #tut #mastodon #vim #client

@stacyharper There are websites with articles behind a paywall, but when you disable javascript you can read them.

@linmob is yours, so do as you wish. Your site, your rules. I'm thankful for the content that you post.

For almost five years, we have been doing the exercise of replacing stock OS on phones. We can tell first hand how oftentimes unnecessarily difficult/impossible it is. In the interest of reducing the insane amount of e-waste and truly being in control of our devices, we need laws that allow us to install any software on any device!

Thanks to @fsfe for writing a nice open letter about just that, we happily signed it:

Release 1.0.1

The new version is just two bug fixes
* When notification-feed=false is set the main feed is now displayed
* Tut will exit more nicely, so your terminal should now work

Get it via the releas page

#tui #terminal #cli #tut #linux #mastodon #vim

Release 1.0.0

The new major version is now released. It's mostly the code behind the scenes that has been changed so it will be easier for me to add new features and mange the project. But you can see some changes in the UI.

New features
* Streams = new posts instantly
* Confirmation before favorite, boost etc.

Read more on the release page

#tui #terminal #cli #tut

sxmo - 1.9.0 

Oh btw, we did it :]

#sxmo 1.9.0 has been released this week-end !


- switch to pipewire and callaudiod
- less painful to support more devices
- superd to manage user daemons
- incall menus has been completly reworked
- probably some other awesome things I already dont remember of !
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Sxmo 1.9.0 has been released and should be in the postmarketOS edge repos soon. We added support for better daemon supervision via superd, pipewire/bluetooth enhancements, and now support a new classes of devices (ie. tablets)! We have added support for calling on new devices ie. poco f1.


Release 0.0.45

Tut know support themes, but right now there is only two themes. Feel free to make pull requests over at Github.

To test this feature add theme=nord under the style section in your config.

Read more one the release page

#tui #terminal #cli #tut

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