Sxmo 1.11.0 required bonsai (written in hare) and when we were packaging for postmarketOS, we found out that hare had not been packaged for 32-bit architectures.

We just released Sxmo 1.11.1 to postmarketOS/alpine edge with a workaround for 32-bit architectures:

Please remember to review the Sxmo 1.11.0 release notes:


pinephone-utils – small but useful miscellaneous things I use on my PinePhone, some exclusive to Sxmo, some especially useful in combination with the/a physical keyboard as global shortcuts.

#PinePhone #Sxmo

Currently including:

pp-flashlight – Toggle flashlight
pp-brightness – Increase or decrease brightness by 5%, toggle between 0%, 50% and 100% or set it directly
pp-audio-output – Set the PinePhone’s audio output port (speaker, earpiece, headphones) – Toggle Sxmo auto suspend – Set the Sway scale factor or toggle it between customisable values – Get the currently used download and upload bandwidth, either for the status bar or to log it
sway-random-wallpaper – Set random wallpapers for all or specified monitors
wp-output – Set the WirePlumber audio output device based on the first one that matches the given keyword
bluetooth-toggle – Toggle or set Bluetooth

New blog post - The Pinephone Pro, PostmarketOS, and Why Mainlining Phones is Important

It's hilarious when someone who does not contribute to a project publicly objects when the project considers supporting an email-based workflow for patches.

Weekly GNU-like Mobile Linux Update (33 and 34/2022): Always consider: There are human beings on the other side, too.
#pinephone #pinephonepro #librem5

Lucky I was cycling somewhere else yesterday 😉

Man fietst naakt langs Netekanaal, politie houdt oogje in het zeil (Lier) | Gazet van Antwerpen

In Antwerp and around (Belgium) it's Mother's day today. My mother died a long time ago... but hey, happy mother's day to all the mothers around here.

Some thoughts on #Pine64's approach to community-developed hardware products. Could have been shorter, but a bit of background was necessary #linux

Release 1.0.15

Only two bug fixes
* You can now see replies on boosted toots
* Desktop notification for favorites now says favorite and not follower

#tut #terminal #cli #tui #mastodon #vim #client #toot

After 2 weeks of holiday, I'm going back to work in 'die schmutzfabrik' tomorrow :-(

Release 1.0.12

* You can now have multiple local themes. Just put your theme(s) in ~/.config/tut/themes/your-theme.ini and set theme=your-theme
* New command :newer and leader action newer that force loads new posts

Read more on the release page

#tut #terminal #cli #tut #mastodon #vim #client #toot

Debian bullseye on the RPI 4 with full disk encryption.

I use a few Raspberry PI’s to run virtual machines and k3s. Here is my journey to install Debian bullseye on the Raspberry PI with full disk encryption.

#raspberrypi #debian #linux

#stafwag @stafwag

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