Because I’ve received my recently, I’m testing various operating systems with it.

During these tests, setting up wifi is very cumbersome because I use a very long random password. That’s why I’ve created a little script ‘wifi’ that I copy to the sd-card and start it from the command line to make a wifi connection with my home network.

nmcli device wifi connect SSID password PASSWORD

Starting today, you can now preorder the PinePhone UBports Community Edition: a production model #PinePhone preloaded with UBports (Ubuntu Touch), with a custom backplate to match!

PINE64 Store Link:

UBports blog post:

Lookat 2.0.0 released

Lookat 2.0.0 is the latest stable release of Lookat/Bekijk the userfriendly file browser/viewer.


* utf8 support
* default color scheme has been updated
* improved error handeling
* Macos 10.7+ support

Lookat 2.0.0 is available at:
Download it directly
Or at the Git repository at GNU savannah

#stafwag #lookat #bekijk #manpage #viewer @stafwag

I just want to know where my #pinephone is...Is it at the border? Is it passed customs? Is it lost...? Is it being held because it's from China? It's going on 1 month since last tracking update...Jan 28/30th... I'm not alone in this situation but that does not really make it easier

Boring stuff regarding Linux.Pizza, costs and stuff 

February Community Update: production currently at a stand-still - expect production delays; #pinebookpro NVMe new adapter + fix; growing OS choice; #PinePhone software status; phone FCC+CE certification; #PineTab delayed (again); and much more.

Pinephone unboxing 

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@bart I was at and I've seen your talk there. Thanks, I really enjoyed it.

@mgrondin Well, I don't know what to think of the following sentence in the tracking information "Your shipment is at customs for clearance. The delivery time is expected to be within 20 to 24 days."

I really hope I don't have to wait that long 🤔

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