Mine has not updated since yesterday, but when I click on the number next to "Tracking number (vendor) :", it forwards me to the website of bpost (Belgium post), saying that my is in Switserland and on it's way to Belgium.


Well I consider wordpress as the "Windows but for web"

Most used = Most bloated = most exploited

New #PinePhone pictures from TL.

According to TL, the phone will come with a red color 5V-3A USB-A to USB-C cable, no power adapter (you already owned one).

They are preparing to dispatch out the "BraveHeart" PinePhone on January 13, assume PinePhone production goes smooth.


Lately I've seen some incorrect statements and facts about Linux on mobile being thrown around, and I decided to write a blog post to give some more correct info. Please give it a read fam-ribbers.com/2019/12/28/Sta 😄

If you see any mistakes I've made, please correct me!

Four different mobile #Linux OSs on the #PinePhone: #UBports, #postmarketOS, #webosports and #KDENeon. Video edited on a #PinebookPro in Openshot by Lukasz
Video link: youtu.be/11eObhH8MKA

Even though the magazine folded months ago, something about the Linux Journal website going offline makes everything seem so much more final. #RIPlinuxjournal

November blog post is up! Pinebook Pro, PinePhone, PineTime... even the PineTab! We've got news on all of it.


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