Interesting to read: megi's PinePhone Development Log

2021–07–26: The latest prototype

I've created a reference card for myself for the -out

Maybe it's useful for someone else? Hopefully there are no mistakes ;)

Today, I've successfully connected a temperature sensor to the bus of my .

braveheart:~# echo -n "Temp in °C = " ; Thex=`/usr/sbin/i2cget -y 3 0x4a 0 b | cut -d"x" -f2 | tr '[:lower:]' '[:upper:]'` ; echo "ibase=16 ; $Thex" | bc
Temp in °C = 20

Not working today, the sun is shining. Nice weather to sit outside on a bench and play with the and .

It's nice weather. I'm outside making a long bicycle ride. So, let`s test if I can take a photo with my &

Because I’ve received my recently, I’m testing various operating systems with it.

During these tests, setting up wifi is very cumbersome because I use a very long random password. That’s why I’ve created a little script ‘wifi’ that I copy to the sd-card and start it from the command line to make a wifi connection with my home network.

nmcli device wifi connect SSID password PASSWORD

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