I really like my pinephone, but there are occasions that having access to an
android phone can be handy. So, I followed this 'ifixit' guide
to replace the battery of my broken Motorola Moto X Style/Pure.

It's charging now... hopefully everything works alright...

I recently replaced the battery in my dad's pixel 3 and flashed it with lineage, but the battery keeps discharging really quickly ☹️

Hope your fix works!

@govynnus is indeed interesting. Unfortunately there's no recent
build for the .

About replacing the battery of your dad's , was it difficult? On my
phone I had a lot of trouble to open the back because it was all glued

It was stuck down quite heavily, but with enough hair dryer heating it came off in the end :-)

@jan_wagemakers Glodroid (android 11 for arm) is working surprisingly well on PinePhone, almost all apps I tested worked fine. What is not working is call/data/gps. My next wish is to have a dual boot pmOs/Phosh + GloDroid

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