Back from . I've hold a real in my hands. WOW! I really like it. Hope to receive mine soon.

And as a bonus, @PINE64 has given me a free pinephone protection case.

@jan_wagemakers @PINE64 lucky!! What does it feel like? Can't wait to hold mine.

First impressions without saying too much I still want the fresh experience when I get mine but I'm getting anxious.

@mgrondin @PINE64

It feels like I'm young again. You know, that time where people used dos and windows and I switched to Linux somewhere in 1996/1997. I have the same feeling now with the .

First impressions: hardware wise totally OK. Screen is very clear. There was one with and one with maemo leste (i think), but I've not tested that much because the pine64 stand was really crowed, even if it was early in the morning.

I hope we receive our pinephones soon 😉

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