What do you run as a daily browser?

I use :ablobhyperwubbel:

(Specify which one, if it's not in the list lol)

Piszę do kogoś na Messengerze i później w nocy dostaję powiadomienie, że mi ta osoba odpisała, mimo że wiadomość już dawno przeczytałem i nawet na nią odpowiedziałem.
Jak to się dzieje, że software tworzony przez wielkie korporacje działa często gorzej niż jakiś hobbystyczny projekt open-source tworzony przez jedną osobę?

Would you use Linux if it was proprietary?

As long as the code behind "smart" home devices is proprietary, these companies are free to spy on us as much as they like. Help us fight back: tell your friends about free software and urge then to join the FSF! Support #FreeSoftware. fsf.org

Why when everything gets better with time, music constanly is getting worse. 80s were great. :ablobdj:

I've never understood people that are offended by rainbow flags and state that something is "against your morals" what exactly does your morals have to do with how other people choose to live your life, or who they love? absolutely nothing, that's what it is.

After few days of playing with KDE plasma I'm not really happy with the desktop. It was pretty buggy for me and overall consistency was lacking. Going back to my precious Gnome

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