First post on Mastodon, still getting the idea of what this is 🤔


Hey, thanks all for the welcomes!
What I'm getting is this platform is more or less like Twitter (?)

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This is not a platform but more like a protocol. Mastodon uses the ActivityPub protocol. So you can interact with other users who use software that implements it too (for example pleroma, frendica, pixelfed etc.)

Mastodon interface is more/less like twitter. But others are different, pixelfed interface looks like instagram, and friendica's interface looks like Facebook.

There are other similar protocols too.

These all together constitute the larger fediverse ("federated Universe").

@j0rdix Well, because it basically is like Twitter, just less retarded of a system.

@j0rdix Welcome to Mastodon, and our instance, and there are plenty of similarities but different enough to stand out

@j0rdix technically it's like email, many servers talking to each other. what i like is that after a while you get the content you like, not what an algorithm thinks is best!

@j0rdix Bluntly put, yes. But you can also manage your own instance of Mastodon.

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