XLR connectors are cursed now

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OK SO you know how I talk a lot about weird misuses of connectors on aliexpress and such?

I have found the worst one. Brace yourself, this is NSFW...

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Cinnamon may have crashed. But I can atleast draw some cool boxes

[noob question alert] anyone know how to get b43 wifi drivers in freebsd.

Million Dollar idea. A music player where you could listen to music that has that pseudo-surround effect in mono. I just want to listen to the Pac-Man Arrangment OST but the pseudo-surround gets rid of a lot of things when in mono.

So the LeapPad/iQuest/TurboTwist CPU "might" be known now. Using Cutter the only cart file I have prints results when the CPU arch is set to ARC.

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The IDA Home FAQ is basically a list of "use Ghidra, use Ghidra, why would anyone ever buy this, use Ghidra, use Ghidra".

Who do they think their target audience is? Who wants to pay a $365/y subscription for *one* arch, no SDK, no decompiler, non-commercial use only? What?

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Just a daily reminder that @Glinner@twitter.com should not only be banned from Twitter but honestly should never be given an Internet connection ever again.

Should I do FreeBSD or OpenBSD for my laptop

I chucked some raspberries into my raspberry iced tea. It improved it

For some reason I've just been watching 80s and 90s Australian TV ads and then 80s and 90s Nintendo ads for no reason

if people could make a SNES Mini. Why not a PCE Mini?

So I've tried disassembling the .lbk file for the Mindstation cartridge... Several times across several MCUs...

The insides of three cartridges for the iQuest. Note the last two have the ROM listed on the board! It's none other than the OKI MR27V3202F.

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