Does anyone know any cheap decent CPU coolers for a Core 2 Quad Q6600. I got a Q6600 into my server and it runs at 42*C idling and under load it goes beyond the max temp (to around 70*C)

noob question: How does one make pulseaudio -k happen on startup as that's the only way I can get audio from this laptop (Acer C720, Peppy 1.0, 2995U, 2GB RAM, Debian 9.9)

I got to hand it to Intel. My netbook (Acer C720, Debian 9.9) does not heat up all too much and does have a long battery life. I jump into the Power Stats and I see that the smooth line hovers around 8.0-9.5W which is pretty good (I mean. Compared to my desktops beastly 95W CPU)

I have a terrible Linux dad joke

What did the Linux User say to the windows user when they were told that the Windows User found out that Windows 10 is practically spyware?

Huh. Who GNU?

Anybody know any good easy MIDI players for Debian 9.9 that aren't CLI (if they are just like. easy to use ones)?

Hello! (Im starting out on mastadon so please. Feel free to tell me if im doing anything wrong). Does anyone know any good light Linux Distros for my netbook

It uses a
- Intel Atom N270 CPU
- 2GB DDR2 RAM (Single Channel)
- Intel 945 (if im correct) GPU with UMA 224MB
- 80GB WD Scorpio Black HDD 7200rpm
- 1024x600 Display


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