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have you ever wondered what the police, fire, and paramedics are up to in YOUR community, but were afraid to find out? let me help you with the magic of

✧・゚:* software defined radio *:・゚✧

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1) I started the Nick Offerman as every character in Cats thing
2) Created Autotuned Cat (bizillions of views)
3) I made those 3D printed FF7 figures
4) And maybe my bacon mobius strip? It was quite popular for a bit. twitter.com/thejoannagraham/st

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This 100%

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thread of people you should report that post gore fancams

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they're mocking people that were possibly TRAUMATIZED from their videos. @Twitter@twitter.com @TwitterSafety@twitter.com. This shit needs to be stopped.

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If people can. Spread this news around and we can stop these people right in their tracks. It's time to

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I also advise people disable Autoplay. You can do this by going to Settings -> Data Usage -> Autoplay -> Never.

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removed from the platform. It's bad enough these people are posting videos of literal murder but they're also placing it in people's replies. This is not ok. We need to

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So there's a lot of "fancams" going around twitter that's like 10 seconds of KPop dancing then some gore. Usually involving what appears to be murder. If you see these report them immediately and do @/Twitter and @/TwitterSafety. These videos are far from ok and need to be

This unlocked memories of the Internet Explorer being my main browser era. And I miss it

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XLR connectors are cursed now

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OK SO you know how I talk a lot about weird misuses of connectors on aliexpress and such?

I have found the worst one. Brace yourself, this is NSFW...

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Cinnamon may have crashed. But I can atleast draw some cool boxes

[noob question alert] anyone know how to get b43 wifi drivers in freebsd.

Million Dollar idea. A music player where you could listen to music that has that pseudo-surround effect in mono. I just want to listen to the Pac-Man Arrangment OST but the pseudo-surround gets rid of a lot of things when in mono.

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