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No joke: a bunch of OMG Cables recently infected the USB cable supply chain.

The manufacturer seems to have lost some OMG Cables and accidentally contaminated someone’s normal cable order. 🤣

Not quite sure how this will play out...

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This is nothing to do with politics at this point.

This is about human rights

Please do your part and

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If you are a Trump supporter, we will not do business with you. End of story.

We don’t provide suits to racists and bigots 👋

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The biggest loser in this debate is America.

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Can the UN come in and save the United States or something? We F'd, were totally F'd!

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Thanks to the debate this makes me see more of how royally fucked America would be if tRump got re-elected. The guy is acting like a flat out toddler. It's depressing and I feel like if I could. I could get out of this hell hole. Until then. I don't know

@pig_tickle@twitter.com You're pretty cool and (from all i've seen) a very positive person!

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@Rocko_otts@twitter.com You're a rad dude with a Paw Attitude and that's pretty cool. Keep up being you ^w*)^

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time for some positivity

"❤️" this tweet and I'll say some nice stuff about you.

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So here's a thing I'm not supposed to have, but I do, and I'm gonna make that everyone's problem.
It's a Facebook Gizmo! apparently it's a touch panel.

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A @Facebook@twitter.com employee has stolen my @instagram@twitter.com account. Thread! (RTs appreciated)

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today i learned that most "as seen on TV" products, like the gyro bowl, snuggies, and spill proof cups were designed for (or are mostly used by) people with disabilities. i feel so bad that everyone made fun of these products for years.

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Every time I hear trumpers say they're the "silent majority" it's like. Silent? Ya'll won't shut the hell up about you're supreme leader who's under investigation for Child Molestation and has been known to bankrupt things. smh

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I never show faces of victims, but I am desperate for someone who might recognize this woman to warn her not to post the cash she's just put into a shoe box. I do not know her name or location. If you know who this is, CALL HER IMMEDIATELY and tell her not to post the cash.

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