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Which is most privacy friendly/libre? Naively installed on my server and noticed googlefonts and gravatar as third parties without me adding them... Is or any better in this regard?

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Today we’re announcing free private repositories with unlimited collaborators for teams with GitHub Free, and reducing the price of our paid Team plan to $4 per user/month. All of the core GitHub features are now free for everyone.

Learn more: github.blog/2020-04-14-github- 

Ich hocke doch jetzt eh den ganzen Tag zu Hause. Perfekter Zeitpunkt für den Release von 'The Last of Us 2' 😬


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Hast someone tried LincPlus P1 or P2 laptop with Ubuntu 19.10 ? 😬

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Internet, COVID-related 

Facebook/Instagram will reduce video quality in Europe to take some load off the internet, too (Netflix and youtube already have)

How about everyone shutting down Advertisments and tracking, wouldn't that help, too? :D

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RT @ownCloud@twitter.com

The #InternetOfThings doesn’t have to be proprietary and isolated. Connect all your sensors to your ownCloud to have a centralized overview: #iot

🐦🔗: twitter.com/ownCloud/status/11

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RT dhh@twitter.com: "Spotify continued to prove it’s serious about dominating the podcast industry", oh for fucks sake. This is not something worth celebrating!! theverge.com/2020/2/5/21124201


"Top 10 most important tech products of my lifetime, in no particular order..."

"Wie geil ist das denn? Das Pi4 kann so konfiguriert werden, dass es sich als USB-Ethernet-Adapter über den USB-C-Port ausgibt. Ergo: Versorgung und SSH über dasselbe Kabel 😍 "
t.co/GwDZVmbWuu twitter.com/servicecase18/stat

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"the problem is /some/ eavesdropper might want to listen to the plain text message…" #36C3 #HallB

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Did you know that you can support this instance economically?

I have set up a liberapay acount so users can support the Linux.Pizza project.
More donors = more services and we will be able to spend more time on it.

Linux.Pizza is 95% financed by our own pocket, which means that the fate of this instance and services boils down to one person only (basically a single point of failure).

I hope that we can build a community together where everyone's input is valuable!


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Aus dem Skandal um Facebook-Tracking beim BRK haben nicht alle was gelernt: Beim Spendecheck von DKMS wird im Fall von Krankheiten an Google Analytics gemeldet:
"risk group - exit"
Wenig später erscheinen anderswo dann Anzeigen von DKMS. Tja: Google Analytics ist in diesem Fall mit Google Ads verbunden, meine Daten zirkulieren, auch wenn es unwahrscheinlich ist, dass DKMS eine Zielgruppe aus kranken Besuchern erstellt.

Verstoß gegen die DSGVO, die AGBs und den gesunden Menschenverstand.

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