Got this from my GF, it made my day

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@trezzer just got it in a text from her, that’s how we lighten up the days at the offices

@iam_jfnklstrm It's pretty funny, too. It was really interesting to see how it evolved over nearly a decade, though. So many permutations of the basic idea.

@trezzer @iam_jfnklstrm A graph of the evolution of this meme could be used as an instruction on meme mutation. It's got so many great facets as it evolves.

@iam_jfnklstrm @doctormo Yes, it's fun to see how it evolves in spurts after being shared for long periods - and how it also sheds changes that weren't successful. It's basically Darwinism : The Meme.

@trezzer @doctormo yes, it rally took off. Had to shut off notifications for a while. Appearently it amuse ppl

so Conspiracy Theories are an evolution past wisdom ? :P Im scared...


Brilliant but I'm not sure to get the difference between "data" and "information".
Is the part not in green just noise ? How is it separated from relevant data ?

@iam_jfnklstrm Oldie (relatively speaking), but always good to re-boost.

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