Facebook has recently admitted that its greatest threat, looking to the future, is federated platforms.

Many federating platforms (like PeerTube, a video sharing software, or WriteFreely, a blogging software) are springing up around the federating system.

Capitalist websites like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter are getting progressively worse in how they act, in their quest for profits.

Meanwhile, the fediverse is only getting stronger, powered by money through voluntary donations and the hard work of thousands of admins.

Federation is a positive path forward for the future of the internet, has liberated people and allowed them to form regenerative communities, and is helping to educate people about alternative ideas and methods to those promoted by capitalist business.

It's really encouraging to see the fediverse doing so well.

I wonder if wikipedias social network platform has AcitivityPub support...

+ I'm old enough to remember the Web of the 1990s/ 2000s.
It was a maze. You followed hypertext links, stumbled into forums and early troll-caves, used Slashdot and GoTo, experimented with LiveJournal and Blogger.

It wasn't safe, it was filled with weirdness, appealed heavily to geeks and loners. Being on the web in that era was a serious trip.

But it wasn't corporate. It wasn't the tool of major governments, yet. It was defiantly decentralised, and when you were online...

... you felt free.

Just curious, where can I find resources to make a suggestion / question-answering chatbot? I am getting curious to make one that answers accordingly to my tastes.

Just reading it out loud, I love open source and the Fediverse as far as I have gotten to understand it.

I would simply like that development environment like Linux, FreeBSD or Inferno OS to be easier to implement on my dream 12 bit architecture. It isn’t ready but I do have plans.

I am a autistic trans person in Canada, i like to surf posts and casually research topics online between many other special interests of mine. And I produce subliminal affirmation videos on YouTube. Yeah, I am that creative.

btw, I am really curious about Inferno OS and I am trying Linux Mint on my main VM. Still figuring out how to install compatibility layers for Windows 10 so I can repartition my desktop home PC when I will upgrade it.


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