Two decades ago, people would think I was cracy if I said that by 2020 people would love to give their private data to numerous ads (and surveillance) companies.

The data are:
1. Contacts,
2. Phone logs,
3. SMS,
4. All of the data saved on cloud storage (think Google Drive),
5. Browsing history,
6. Email (think Gmail),
7. Camera on their phones,
8. Health data (think Google Fit),
9. Schedule (think Google Calendar),
10. Family photographs,
11. Real time locations,
12. And numerous others.

@heavenly_general It's a sad fact. But I think we should work about how to fix it instead of just ranting about it again and again.

Maybe we should teach computer science and stuff at school?

Why do people share their data:
- the service is good and convenient
- they don't believe the data are really used?
- they don't think it really matters to share it

Why is there such a cleavage between people OK to share everything and people protecting their privacy?

@solene Yes, for technical people, we already knew this fact. That is the reason we are getting bored with this kind of rant.

But, if we go outside and ask non-technical people, most of them do not know about this fact.

Because of this, it is definitely useful to build awareness, through various social media and also in our daily life.

@heavenly_general @solene I think they know, but they seem to think that the circumstances are different to literally giving your data to strangers, even though that's literally what they're doing.

@heavenly_general @solene It's also important to remember that even tech people do this.

@Lofenyy @solene

Yes, I agree with you 100%. It is indeed true that many people already knew this fact, but they do not care.

It is also true that many tech people also gladly share their private data with those ads company.

But they are also still many people not aware of this fact. Or at least, they do not really understand the implications.

In my previous toot, I wrote "most people". I think, "many people" is more suitable.

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